Thursday, August 25, 2011

What a Bowl in the Dark Experience

One of my favorite people, Kirsten, was in town visiting family over the weekend so we had a chance to hang out. On Friday night we went to a concert in the park and hung out at my (messy) house. On Saturday night we went to dinner and then took the kids Glow Bowling at Folsom Lake Bowl. It was so much fun! They had black lights and lots of lights spinning around the room and GREAT music playing in the background. The kids played to their hearts content and we got to chat. Or yell, since the music was so loud, but we communicated nonetheless!

Lucy Struck A Pose in Her Bowling Shoes

Lucy Used A Move Similar to Shooting Granny Style in Basketball.  It Seemed To Work For Her!

Tyler Was Pretty Good at Glow Bowling.  He Might Have Even Won!

Austin and Tyler
We can't wait for them to come back next summer (hopefully!) so we can do this again! 

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