Thursday, July 5, 2012

Merry Christmas From Tyler and Lucy

The kids made Christmas cards for each of their classmates.  Instead of breaking child labor laws and making them color 25 pages each Mom just made copies.  Lucky kids.  Smart Mommy.

Santa in Laurel Oaks

For the past few years we've been lucky enough to have Santa and his elves visit our neighborhood and stop for cookies and cocoa.  It's a fun event that we get excited to attend.  Santa roars into the neighborhood on his fire ending while his elves hand out candy canes and the kids try and hide from the Grinch.  The kids enjoy seeing the Clause's and they also get to be excited about donating to Toys for Tots and bringing canned goods for the Food Bank.
 Unfortunately this year Daddy had to be out of town, so it was just Mommy and the kids visiting with Santa.
 The second time this year that Lucy posed with Santa.  It might be a record!
 Santa and his reindeer came in on a fire engine blaring Christmas carols
 Tyler, Grandma Karla, and Lucy
Lucy and Mrs. Clause - it's really too bad she's not the one in charge because Lucy really adores her.  She would much rather it be here visiting our house on Christmas Eve.  Mommy might too if Mrs. Clause didn't leave crumbs like Santa does!

Rest in Peace Grandma Donna

We will miss you and honor you every day Grandma Donna!  We know Jesus greeted you at the gates of Heaven with pink flowers in his hand.  Flowers that won't affect your breathing.  You lived your life in such a way that inspired others and led them to be better people.  The memories we've made will live on forever in our hearts.  We love you Lead Foot!