Monday, September 29, 2008

Tumble Time

When Tyler and Aria were little we had them in Gymboree classes and they LOVED them. Unfortunately, they got to be a little expensive and a long drive for a Saturday morning. Not to mention Brooke had just had Matea and we just had Lucy and getting up early was so, so hard! When they got a little older we took them to Tumble Time in Cameron Park for their weekly fix of "gymnastics". Tyler tired of it and we stopped going, but now that Lucy and Matea are of age we decided to sign them up for the toddler class. Oh my is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Lucy is loving her gymnastics class and loves the trampoline. She tries to sneak off and jump on it! Tyler decided that he MUST take a class now too, so we put him in one and he's having a great time as well. Here are some recent pictures:

Monday, September 22, 2008

Kids Say the Darndest Things

I just wanted to post two funny things that the kids said recently.

We were at a friend's house for dinner and they served spaghetti and meatballs. Lucy picked up her meatball (which wasn't a ball shape...more like a mound) and said, "Poop!" Mortifying...

Tyler has been resistant to going to preschool this past week. I told him he needed to go so that he would be ready for kindergarten and that there were things he needed to learn. He told me, "I know it ALL already Mom!" Okay...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sweet, Sweet (Not So Sweet) Lucy

Lucy is getting to be such a big girl! Although, sometimes she tends to act older than her 19 months. I think she's trying to catch up to Mommy! She really enjoys trying to walk around in those heels.

She's also a girl who knows what she wants RIGHT NOW! As illustrated below she knows she wants french fries and she knows right where to go to get them.

Lucy just won't settle for being the "baby" or the youngest. She's got to do what Tyler does all the time. It drives him insane, I'm sure. Here she is trying to play t-ball...because Bobo got to do it too.

Lucy really is growing up so fast. She speaks in pretty full sentences, she comprehends EVERYTHING (except maybe NO!) and she acts like a terrible two year old some of the time. Lately she has been learning the art of manipulation. If she gets in trouble for something and we say, "No Lucy!", she will look at you and smile and say, "Hi Mommy" or "Mommy's eyes" and try and detract from the trouble she was getting in. Oy!
The sweetest thing that lil' Miss Goose does is say thank you all the time. She's very polite and thanks you for everything...when you clean her diaper, when you wipe her nose, and when you hand her milk. She always says, "Thank you Mommy" and then sometimes follows with "welcome" too. But then the not so sweet thing...she interprets the song Skip To My Lou My Darling to be Poo, Poo Darling. :( And wouldn't you know...Tyler encourages her to say that.
Tonight we wish we had the video camera on. Lucy wasn't really diggin' on Mom's spaghetti and she thew it all over the floor. Zach got upset and told her to stop throwing her food on the floor or she would have to clean it up. She said, "NO!" and he asked who would clean it up then? She said, "Mommy"...with a smile. I guess she knows how it goes around our house...

Friday, September 5, 2008

T-Ball Time!

Tyler started a t-ball clinic this past Thursday. He was VERY excited to go play. He couldn't wait to hit the ball the farthest! First they had the kids do stretches, then they ran the bases, and then they got to learn how to throw and learn how to hit. Tyler's favorites were...

1. Hitting the Ball

2. Running the Bases

3. Throwing the Ball

4. Stretching was His LEAST Favorite Part