Wednesday, April 14, 2010


This year we spent Easter in Yosemite. We had some friends that were taking a trip, so we tagged along. This is the first time that we've ever camped in the park, so not knowing the weather conditions we decided to rent an RV, instead of tent camping. Thanks goodness we did that! When we arrived at our camp spot there was snow on the ground and freezing temperatures. Lucy was quite the little trooper. She woke up on Thursday morning with the stomach flu and threw up a few times on the way to Yosemite. When we arrived, though, she was ready to go play and explore. Isn't she just the cutest sick girl you've ever seen?!
On the first day we decided to have pizza for dinner from Curry Village. We loaded the kids into the bike trailers and rode over to order our pizza. While Jenn had to use manual labor to pull the kids in the trailer, Mat was lucky enough to have Zeus pull him AND the kids in the trailer.Zach tends to become an semi-professional photographer when we go visit beautiful places, so he's practicing his skills with a picture of Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls. The falls were just beautiful this time of year with the water flowing. And there was snow all around the falls to make it even more beautiful.We hiked up to Lower Falls on the second day we were there. It was gorgeous! The kids had so much fun climbing on the rocks, exploring in caves, and trying to cross the river without getting wet. They were so curious!
All the kids!Here is Lucy doing some rock climbing, cave exploring, and posing!Tyler was really in his element on the rocks and searching the caves. He seemed to have no fear! Mom had all the fear...By the end of the day Lucy was pretty wiped out! Poor thing.The kids really enjoyed coloring, watching movies, and hanging out inside the RV. It worked out really well when it would rain...which it did a few times.On the third day we hiked to Mirror Lake. This gave the kids more chance to explore the lake and go on a long hike. Tyler had fun posing for pictures...mostly atop rocks.Tyler and his favorite girl Aria Lucy and MateaIsn't this too precious?!
We also did the short walk up to Bridalveil Falls on the third day. Right when we got out of the car it started to hail...hard. So, basically we got to the waterfall, got the pictures, and ran back to the car.It stopped raining long enough for us to drive to Tunnel View and check out the view of the whole valley. This is Zach's favorite place to go. Unfortunately the sky wasn't blue and there were clouds, but we still had a great view.On the last night we were able to enjoy the fire for a few minutes. And enjoy some s'mores!Check out the size of those marshmallows Matea picked out!

We woke up on Easter morning and found the the Easter bunny had hidden TONS of eggs and delivered baskets. The kids had a great time searching for over a hundred eggs and then finding all the candy inside.
We had a fun time on the trip...despite the sickness and the weather!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Easter!

I think it is the new tradition to put on the Easter Bunny ears and take a picture of the kids and I each year. We took this picture right before our family Easter gathering.
Tyler takes his egg hunting very seriously...

Go Quillan!

Lucy is quite excited! Even Everleigh got in on the action!We tried getting pictures of the cousins, but it didn't work out so well. It didn't seem like we could get all the kids to smile (or sit still) at once. Maybe we should have given them some candy first...
We celebrated with our Easter brunch one weekend early since we are going to Yosemite for Easter weekend. It was a really nice time with family and all the kids.

Annual Laurel Oaks Egg Hunt

The Third Annual Laurel Oaks Egg Hunt!
Our neighborhood held it's annual egg hunt on March 27th this year. We had t0 leave right afterwards to head to Tyler's t-ball game, so we were all about getting to that hunt, hunting our eggs, and getting home! Tyler, Aria, Colby, Matea, and Lucy were lining up for the hunt...
The Cutest Little Bunny
And They're Off! Lucy ran off in the wrong direction and freaked me out. I couldn't find her! But, here she is happily finding her eggs.
My Bunnies
Tyler and Aria Enjoyed Some Donuts
Our Group With the Bunny

Zach Always Seems to Capture Some Pretty Precious Shots of His GooseHappy Easter!

A's T-Ball

This season Tyler is old enough to play t-ball. How exciting! Maybe not for Zach, though. Jenn decided to sign up Zach for manager and Jenn for Coach. Just can't say no! We have lots of fun with the little guys, though. Here are some pictures of Tyler at their last practice before the games began.Tyler is so serious here Coach Jenn and Tyler on Opening Day
(Isn't he precious?!)
This is the BIGGEST Fan We've Got!

Big Girl Bed

I am playing a little bit of catch up with the blog, so things might seem out of order. In the beginning of March we decided it was time to get Lucy a big girl bed. She likes to sleep in ours SO much, so we figured maybe she'd do well in her own big, fluffy bed. Daddy got it all set up and then asked her what kind of bedspread she wanted. Of course the answer was, "Princess!" While Lucy and Jenn were at a baby shower that next day, Zach and Tyler went to Target and bought Lucy her bedding as a surprise. She's a princess in a princess bed. However, she still seems to like Mommy and Daddy's bed just a wee bit more at 2:00 in the morning...