Thursday, April 8, 2010

Annual Laurel Oaks Egg Hunt

The Third Annual Laurel Oaks Egg Hunt!
Our neighborhood held it's annual egg hunt on March 27th this year. We had t0 leave right afterwards to head to Tyler's t-ball game, so we were all about getting to that hunt, hunting our eggs, and getting home! Tyler, Aria, Colby, Matea, and Lucy were lining up for the hunt...
The Cutest Little Bunny
And They're Off! Lucy ran off in the wrong direction and freaked me out. I couldn't find her! But, here she is happily finding her eggs.
My Bunnies
Tyler and Aria Enjoyed Some Donuts
Our Group With the Bunny

Zach Always Seems to Capture Some Pretty Precious Shots of His GooseHappy Easter!

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Two Grohs said...

Lucy is seriously going to break hearts. Tyler too. Love her vest.