Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Where's The Beef?!

 My husband is leaving me...pound by pound!  Zach decided in January of this year that he wanted to try and quit soda and lose some weight.  Once he saw that it was working he started to cut back on his portions and change his diet.  And 40 pounds later we have a new, albeit smaller, man!  He looks really good, but it wouldn't be a bad thing if he ate cake once in awhile.
Before...December 2009

After...March 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Like Father, Like Son

The past few days have been interesting, with the things coming out of Tyler's mouth.  The more he talks (and talks and talks and talks) he sounds more and more like his Dad.  He is an incredibly smart boy and he sure knows how to argue and get his way.  Mini-Zach, right?  Yesterday we were discussing school and respecting the teacher by listening.  Tyler told me that he doesn't need to listen in school because he already knows it all.  My, oh, my.  This sounds so much like Zach and his business card saying.  "I might be wrong, but I doubt it."

Tyler, 4 years old

Little Zach

Friday, March 18, 2011

Celebrate This!

The kids and Mom love to go to Disney on Ice shows.  It has turned into quite the tradition.  We attend the show, take a picture, eat some popcorn, buy some toys, and enjoy the time together. their happiness! :)  This year the theme was Celebrate This! and it was a new show we've never seen before.  It celebrated various holidays and had tons and tons of characters.  It was a GREAT show and we can't wait for the next one.
 Let's Celebrate!
 Tyler got a light-up toy (for a ridiculous amount of money) and Lucy added two more princesses to her collection.  Each time we come we buy one princess for the collection.  The first time we bought Snow White and then Ariel and we were supposed to have Cinderella and Belle left to buy.  But, no, of course they had added Tiana and now we still have just one more to buy...
Ah, the loves of my life!
Our Disney gang!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


When we went to bed we weren't expecting to wake up to snow!  It wasn't a lot, but it was still snow and it stuck.  The kids got all bundled up and headed out to play in the white stuff. 

These kids have been lucky.  It has snowed every year at this house.  When we were growing up we were lucky to get snow once in 10 years!

Cute Cousins!

Grandma Karla wanted a current picture of her four grandbabies, so Michelle and Jenn snuck over to the Picture People to have these pictures taken.  It worked out nicely that Grandma was getting home from the hospital the next day, so it was a nice "Welcome Home!" present for her. 
We were having a hard time getting the kids to sit still and all look at the camera, but this one turned out pretty good so we had it framed for Grandma Karla!

The photographer wasn't that great with kids and we were trying everything to get Anna to stand with the big kids.  The kids found a piano that was used for props and started banging on it, so we thought it might work to keep Anna in one place.  And it did!

Tyler (6), Lucy (4), Joey (3), and Anna (1)

A Tangled Good Time!

We celebrated Lucy's birthday with a Tangled Carnival.  We had a ring toss, bean bag toss, pin the hair on the Rapunzel game, find the Pascal game, and another ball toss game.  There were hula hoops, balloon animals, face painting, tattoos, pictures with Rapunzel...and people watching!  The girls were more into the balloons and tattoos than the games, but everyone seemed to have a really good time! 

Lucy's Invitation Turned Out Really Cute!

The face painting was VERY popular and Michelle was busy the entire party!

 Little Anna looked so precious with her face painted!
Even Joey got face painting done!

 The tattoos were popular as well!  Grandma Karla was our tattoo artist...against her better judgement.
 Ring Toss!

Another fun game!  Find the Pascal as the cups are moved around.  Then the kids were able to pick a lollipop from the pretty cool stand that Zach and Jenn made.

Tyler might have been too cool for the photo with Rapunzel, but we made him do it anyways!
Lucy and Quillan

Everleigh is modeling the Rapunzel hair goody
The three ballerinas - Brook, Kyra, and Lucy
Lucy, Aria, Bailey & Matea - Best Friends!

Our spread!

The cake!  All of the girls wanted to eat the hair!
The kids got to take home cotton candy and popcorn.  You know, like a real carnival!

The party was a lot of fun and the kids left having had a great time...we hope!  But, some people were sad when it was over...

Basketball Pictures

Tyler decided to try out basketball this year and it's been a lot of fun!  Coach Rick and Coach Dave did a great job and Tyler got a chance to play with one of his best friends Payton.  The season was fantastic.  The pictures, however, weren't.
The Team Picture - Warriors 2011
Top Row:  Coach Dave, Will, Ricky, Cole B., Payton, Coach Rick
Bottom Row:  Cole G., Joe, Spencer, Ryan, Tyler, Eyal

Tyler's individual picture did not turn out as planned, though.  He looks mighty cute, but whoever tucked in his shirt and thought it would be okay to make him look like a little old man is going to have to deal with Mama!

My Hazel-Eyed Honey Bunnies

My neighbor is starting her photography business and wanted to take some test shots in her home studio. It was the day after Lucy's birthday, so it was a perfect opportunity to ger her 4 year old shots taken! Kristi really captured the color of their eyes and the sparkle in their smiles. Love these little guys!

Happy 4th Birthday Lucy!

My precious little girl
What a precious little guy

Tyler James is such a handsome boy

This was a favorite picture and we just had to order it!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Lucy!

Happy 4th Birthday Lucy Goosey!  On January 28th we celebrated our little girling turning 4.  It was a Friday, so Zach and Jenn took off work early to take the kids roller skating at Sunrise Rollerland.  Lucy asked for rollerskates for her birthday (and Zach found her some super cool ones), so we wanted to use them.  The kids did a pretty good job out on that floor.  Maybe even better than Mom...
After rollerskating we met the grandparents at Red Robin to have a birthday dinner for the Goose.  She picked the restaurant...having changed it from In 'N Out earlier in the week.  She capped off dinner with a yummy ice cream sundae.  When we got home we blew out the "4" candle and had some chocolate cake.  Overall it was a great day!  Well, we thought so, but Lucy might say it wasn't just to be contrary.