Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Tangled Good Time!

We celebrated Lucy's birthday with a Tangled Carnival.  We had a ring toss, bean bag toss, pin the hair on the Rapunzel game, find the Pascal game, and another ball toss game.  There were hula hoops, balloon animals, face painting, tattoos, pictures with Rapunzel...and people watching!  The girls were more into the balloons and tattoos than the games, but everyone seemed to have a really good time! 

Lucy's Invitation Turned Out Really Cute!

The face painting was VERY popular and Michelle was busy the entire party!

 Little Anna looked so precious with her face painted!
Even Joey got face painting done!

 The tattoos were popular as well!  Grandma Karla was our tattoo artist...against her better judgement.
 Ring Toss!

Another fun game!  Find the Pascal as the cups are moved around.  Then the kids were able to pick a lollipop from the pretty cool stand that Zach and Jenn made.

Tyler might have been too cool for the photo with Rapunzel, but we made him do it anyways!
Lucy and Quillan

Everleigh is modeling the Rapunzel hair goody
The three ballerinas - Brook, Kyra, and Lucy
Lucy, Aria, Bailey & Matea - Best Friends!

Our spread!

The cake!  All of the girls wanted to eat the hair!
The kids got to take home cotton candy and popcorn.  You know, like a real carnival!

The party was a lot of fun and the kids left having had a great time...we hope!  But, some people were sad when it was over...

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