Friday, September 30, 2011

My Early Engineer

Tyler is participating in an after school program called Early Engineers.  We were excited when we read about this after school class because it seemed right up his alley.  Building with Legos and KNEX?  Heck yes!  Luckily his best friend Lucas signed up too.  Even though they aren't in the same class together this year they do get to do this activity. 
First Day of Early Engineers - Building a House

Tyler swears that he and Lucas build the best stuff in class.  He might not be humble, but he is having fun.

This picture makes me smile.  Ethan was in Tyler's kindergarten class and now they are in 1st grade together and play on the same soccer team.  Since Tyler and Lucas do EVERYTHING together it is hard for other kids to break into the circle.  Ethan had told Tyler he wanted to be his partner one day, so I guess they must have worked together.  That makes me happy.

A Day At The Patch

The kids all had an inservice day at school, so we were able to hang out on a Monday.  Something rare these days!  We met up with the Roberds' family, the Hensley's, and the Molinari's.  How can we not have fun with them?  We went to Abel's Acres and ran around and got filthy, ate some sweets, and made some memories.
Lucy and Lauren on the Bus

The Whole Gang at Abel's Acres

Such Sweet Girls!

Teammates and Best Buds!

Tyler, Lucas, and Bobby Look So Cute on Those Pumpkins

Lauren, Lucy, Joey, Tyler, Anna, Lucas, and Bobby

We had a great day and can't wait to go back.  That apple pie is calling our name...

First Grade Field Trip

I was lucky enough to be able to participate in Tyler's first field trip of 1st grade.  Mrs. Fritts class walked to the Cameron Park Library and got to learn about checking out books.  My group was Regan, Gabriel, and Tyler.

The Kids Were Able to Listen to Stories Read by the Librarian

My Group Was Checking Out the Books They Agreed Upon

Tyler Was Excited to Use His NEW Library Card

Wow...They Are Sitting Down Reading!

The library was so welcoming.  The kids were able to come in during "off" hours and the library welcomed everyone.  It was a great experience!


Soccerfest is a big fundraiser for the soccer program and the night that pictures get taken.  We got Tyler's hair cut, put a pretty bow in Lucy's hair and tried to dress up coach Mom.  This picture was snapped later in the night, but they still look GREAT!
Lucy and Her Teammate/Friend Lauren

Lucy's First Field Trip

Lucy FINALLY gets to go on her own field trip!  She's been to Denver Dan's with Tyler's class, but never on her own with her OWN class.  Last year Busy Bees didn't have the little kids go to Apple Hill, so Lucy was super excited to spend the day with just mom.
 We went to Denver Dan's.  It was a cute little ranch.  The kids were able to pick apples, watch them be peeled and cored, eat a treat, and feed the farm animals.  It was a great day!
It's Almost Like They All Knew It Was Picture Time

Getting Ready to Pick Apples

Lucy and Her Good Friend Gillian


She's Being REALLY Serious Here

Looks Like Enough For Pie...One Slice!

The Apple of My Eye

What A Sweet Daughter To Share With Her Mama!
We Love Apple Hill!  When's the next field trip?

Here We Go Niners!

September 11th was a special for day for many reasons.  The first one, we were remembering and honoring America.  It had been ten years since the terrorist attacks on America and we wanted to remember that day and honor those that fight for our freedom.  The second one, Dad bought the family tickets to the 49ers home opener.  Considering that we weren't sure if the NFL was going to have a was even more amazing.  The third reason, we were together as a family for the ENTIRE day and had a really great time.
Our Kids Were All Decked Out In Their Niner Gear!

Lucy Even Had a Matching Football Bow

The Family That Cheers Together Stays Together!

Love My Niner Fan

 Subway is our version of tailgating.  We stopped in Dixon and bought some sandwiches, grapes, chips and cookies before the game.  We parked in a dirt lot (free!) and ate our sandwiches in the back of the Tahoe.  Probably not the type of tailgating that Zach is used to, but life changes when you have kids, right?!
Love This Kid!

Love This Guy Too!

Lucy is the CUTEST!  Everyone Commented On Her Cheerleader Outfit and Thought It Was Awesome.

Bring on the Niners!

The Opening Was a Tearjerker.  Then the Jets Flew Overhead...Whew!

Two Great Guys

A Fan In the Making

We had a SPECTACULAR Day!  And the Niners won to top it off!

Soccer Season...And We're Off!

This year both kids are able to play soccer.  And of course Mom is coaching both teams.  Tyler is in U8 and he's a Ninja and Lucy is on a U6 team and she's a Panther...just like her big brother was!  So far things have been going well and we're just one big soccer family.
Getting Ready for Lucy's First Game

Coach Jenn and Tyler and Lucy

We Are a Soccer Family

Lucy's First Game

Go, Lucy, Go!

 Lucy's game was the first of the day and then Tyler's was later in the afternoon.  It was SO hot for those boys, but Tyler played really well.  Go Buddy!
He's #4 With the Ball

Run Buddy!

Both kids are having a lot of fun out on the field this season and that's all we can really ask for.  Well, that and a few goals maybe!