Friday, September 30, 2011

Lucy's First Field Trip

Lucy FINALLY gets to go on her own field trip!  She's been to Denver Dan's with Tyler's class, but never on her own with her OWN class.  Last year Busy Bees didn't have the little kids go to Apple Hill, so Lucy was super excited to spend the day with just mom.
 We went to Denver Dan's.  It was a cute little ranch.  The kids were able to pick apples, watch them be peeled and cored, eat a treat, and feed the farm animals.  It was a great day!
It's Almost Like They All Knew It Was Picture Time

Getting Ready to Pick Apples

Lucy and Her Good Friend Gillian


She's Being REALLY Serious Here

Looks Like Enough For Pie...One Slice!

The Apple of My Eye

What A Sweet Daughter To Share With Her Mama!
We Love Apple Hill!  When's the next field trip?

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