Friday, September 30, 2011

A Little Weekend Fun

We wanted to have a weekend getaway one more time before our weekends were filled with homework and soccer, so we headed up to Tahoe to relax and enjoy some family time.  We hiked Vikingsholm on this trip.  It's something that we've never actually done before.  The kids were troopers and hiked ALL the way down and ALL the way back up all on their own.  They are awesome!

Not a Good Picture, but Tyler Was King of the Mountain Here!

She's a Silly Goose!

The Guthmiller Family at the Top

Such Sweet Girls

The Whole Gang!

This Was the Most Intersting Tree

Um...Nice Picture?

Such A Beautiful Baby

The last day we were there we spent the day at the lake.  The kids had fun jumping on this water trampoline and kayaking with their Dads.  It was quite a relaxing day and one of the best weekends away we've had in a long time.

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