Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day Zach!I got the kids shirts that said "My Dad is My Superhero" so this is their muscle pose

And this is their sweet angelic pose. I just adore them!
We put Zach's present in this hat, like a basket, and Lucy got silly putting it on. Of course Zach fell in know, it being the 49ers and his Goose and all.

Park Party

The Busy Bees end of school party was held at a spray ground this year. Only problem...we show up and the spray ground is not working! The kids were sad, but someone had brought a couple of blow-up pools and a few moms worked to fill them up from the nearby sink. It seemed to appease the kids...Especially the little ones. I think Lucy was just excited to be at her big brother's party in the first place.Mischief makers - Jayden, Tyler, and Payton

Towards the end of the party (after most of the kids had left) the sprayground was fixed! Tyler and Lucy were so excited. Lucy wouldn't run through unless I did it with her one time, but after that she was good to go. Tyler, Enrique, and Jayden got the chance to play for a little while longer before the school year officially ended...

Tyler's Preschool Graduation

On Wednesday, June 17th, Busy Bees Preschool had a "graduation" ceremony for the Honey Bees that are moving on to kindergarten or, in Tyler's case, the Queen Bees Pre-K program. It was SO cute! The kids sang a song and then they each got a certificate of completion and a book that was a compilation of special projects and pictures from the year. You know, the kind of thing Moms LOVE!
Here is Tyler Walking to Get His Certifcate. Isn't He So Cute?!
Tyler Getting His Certificate From Ms. Jacqueline...We Love Her!
After He Got His Certifcate
Tyler and Ms. Stacey
Tyler and Ms. Jacqueline...She Is Also His Sunday School Teacher
Tyler With Ms. Louise and Ms. Suzanne
Eating His Icee
Corbin, Tyler, Enrique, and Payton - Best Buds All YearLucy is Ready for School Now Too...The Playground At Least

The school did some wonderful events this year and this topped it off. We are going to enjoy our summer vacation, but we are looking forward to Tyler starting his Pre-K program at Busy Bees in the fall. Not sure who loves it more...Tyler or Mommy?!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lightning and Thunder...Oh My!

'Twas the night before Thursday
And all through the shack
The windows were open
We were having a snack.
The kids were all bathed and settling in for a spell
In hopes that the television would find Dragon Tales.
The kids were nestled all snug in Mom's Bed
While visions of Sponge Bob danced in their head.
Zach by the window
and Mom by the light
Had just witnessed a flash of bright white.
When out in the yard there sounded a thunder
The kids found the covers and promptly went under.
Over to the window I closed it up tight
So the kids wouldn't hear anymore crashes that night.
Lucy laid scared on the bed snuggled in
She wouldn't uncover her eyes or her chin.
When what to my ears should I continue to hear?
Thunder and loud and so clear.
Little Lucy Goosey, so scared with much fright,
Would certainly be staying in mom's bed that night.
The poor thing was scared and rightfully so,
The thunder was loud during the lightning show!
She laid like this for an hour...poor thing.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me...

Brooke and I have birthdays that are just 5 days apart, so this year we decided to celebrate them together. We decided to do a lunch cruise on a paddlewheeler around Lake Tahoe. We went up on a Friday morning, boarded the "ship", ate some lunch and had some drinks, and then went back to the cabin to relax. Without kids! What a concept. It was a really fun day. And check out this awesome picture the photographer got before we boarded the boat. His lens made us look skinny and tan. I would have paid double the price for that! Me and the Local Fisherman
Zach and I on the bow of the Tahoe Gal

Our group enjoying our Bucket 'o Beers

The crazy Tahoe weather