Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lightning and Thunder...Oh My!

'Twas the night before Thursday
And all through the shack
The windows were open
We were having a snack.
The kids were all bathed and settling in for a spell
In hopes that the television would find Dragon Tales.
The kids were nestled all snug in Mom's Bed
While visions of Sponge Bob danced in their head.
Zach by the window
and Mom by the light
Had just witnessed a flash of bright white.
When out in the yard there sounded a thunder
The kids found the covers and promptly went under.
Over to the window I closed it up tight
So the kids wouldn't hear anymore crashes that night.
Lucy laid scared on the bed snuggled in
She wouldn't uncover her eyes or her chin.
When what to my ears should I continue to hear?
Thunder and loud and so clear.
Little Lucy Goosey, so scared with much fright,
Would certainly be staying in mom's bed that night.
The poor thing was scared and rightfully so,
The thunder was loud during the lightning show!
She laid like this for an hour...poor thing.


thewallings said...

Such a cute poem! You're so creative! Poor Lucy... Clayton is at that stage now also. :(

Kara and Glen said...

You are a poet and didn't even know it. :) That is a cute poem. Did she sleep better the next night? Cute picture.

The Devanys said...

That was like the weather here last night, but I just turned Russell's sound machine up nice and loud! :-)