Friday, December 2, 2011

The Goofy Goose's Friends

Lucy is making some new friends in preschool and having a great time with them.  She was recently invited to her friend Gillian's birthday party at Tricks.  Her friend Savy was there too, and the silly girls were goofy for the camera.

Lucy, Gillian, and Savy

A Little Less Goofy!

Fall Festival at Blue Oak

The Fall Festival is a fun event at school that the kids look forward to.  They get to wear their costumes and play carnival-type games for prizes.  There is food, a haunted house, and a cake walk.  THAT was a popular attraction and Mom was rooting for a win.  This year Lucas attended with us.  We had a Smurfette, an Angry Bird, and a Luigi.
 Here's Tyler and Lucas
 Lucy was a GREAT Smurfette and it was an original costume.  We only saw one other Smurf.  Same with the Angry Bird!
 Tyler and Bobby...or Angry and Harry
 Lucy and Lauren...Smurfette and Rapunzel
This was a fun event!  We shut the place down!

Sweetest Kids EVER!

Sometimes I get visitors at work in the form of these sweet little people.

And they leave me love notes.  What a way to make a girl's day.

Coloma First Grade Field Trip

The second field trip of 1st grade was to Coloma.  The kids were learning about environments for animals.  We ALL (even parents) rode the bus out to Coloma and learned quite a bit about the animals and their habitats.
Tyler and Evan - My Group
My Buddy and I On The Bus
 Our first stop was inside this classroom.  The kids are learning about riverbeds here.  They got to build with sand and logs and different objects to create a riverbed and control the flow of water.
Ian, Evan, and Tyler
 The room also had lots of stuffed critters that the kids were able to pet. 
Tyler and Jenna Pet a Large Cat

 This is about the closest I would ever want to come to a mountain lion.  Eeek!

Tyler Was Checking Out Specimens

 After we were done in the classroom the kids were given the task of making an environment for a critter.  Our creature was a beaver, so they made some water and trees and lots of land.
Tyler, Ethan, Eathen, and Evan

Love This Guy!

Checking Out the Tree
The field trip was fun.  Mom...oh wait, Tyler...can't wait for the next one.

Safety Day!

Blue Oak was lucky enough to get the support of the various branches of law enforcement to participate in this safety day as part of Red Ribbon Week.  The kids were told that a helicopter was going to land on the field and they were SO excited about that.  However, it didn't happen at the planned time, so the kids were quite antsy during the entire assembly.  Here Tyler is getting ready to check out a Humvee.

 The Sherriff's Department had cars at the assembly.  The kids were able to climb in the front and the back.  I hope that more of them enjoyed the front than the back!

This had better be the only time that he's in the back of a cop car!

Tyler being silly with his friends

Mrs. Fritts 1st Grade Class
 The kids enjoyed seeing a robot that retrieves bombs and a couple of drug dogs.
 The helicopter finally arrived and it was SO cool!  The kids were enthralled listening to it get closer and closer to the school and then watched with mouths open as it landed.  Well, the parents were that way too!
This was a neat assembly and got the kids out of the classroom for a couple of hours.  Yet they were still bummed about missing recess.  Kids!

Flag Football!

It was a last minute decision to sign Tyler up for flag football, but it was a GREAT decision.  He loves football, and it's helping him understand the sport his Dad LOVES so much.  Here he is getting ready for his first big game.
 Tyler plays on the Avengers with his friend Chase.  The coach, Joe, is an old friend of Uncle Ryan and Auntie Kara.  Tyler is really having a good time with Chase and Joe.

This looks like an awesome play, but he didn't end up catching the ball.  He felt pretty cool to have gotten the chance to try!

Get that flag buddy!

Tyler and Chase
We have our last games this weekend, but it's something Tyler is already asking to do again.  He's excited to play football next season.

Fall Festival at Busy Bees

During the month of October the preschool had a Fall Festival for the kids.  They painted pumpkins (with lots of glitter), ate carmel apples and other goodies, and made some other Halloween crafts.  The kids get excited to have their parents come to school to celebrate with them.
 The kids also sang a couple of Halloween songs.  Lucy and her best buddy, Gillian, really got into it!

 One game we played this year was bobbing for donuts.  Zach fahioned this pole with twine to tie the donuts to.  Most kids were a little apprehensive about diving for that donut, but a few (like Lucy) dove right in.  No hands were allowed and it was a lot harder than we figured.  But they were troopers and got those donuts!

 Isn't she sweet?!

I love my Lucy and I love Busy Bees.  It's a perfect match.