Friday, December 2, 2011

Fall Festival at Busy Bees

During the month of October the preschool had a Fall Festival for the kids.  They painted pumpkins (with lots of glitter), ate carmel apples and other goodies, and made some other Halloween crafts.  The kids get excited to have their parents come to school to celebrate with them.
 The kids also sang a couple of Halloween songs.  Lucy and her best buddy, Gillian, really got into it!

 One game we played this year was bobbing for donuts.  Zach fahioned this pole with twine to tie the donuts to.  Most kids were a little apprehensive about diving for that donut, but a few (like Lucy) dove right in.  No hands were allowed and it was a lot harder than we figured.  But they were troopers and got those donuts!

 Isn't she sweet?!

I love my Lucy and I love Busy Bees.  It's a perfect match. 

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