Friday, December 2, 2011

Coloma First Grade Field Trip

The second field trip of 1st grade was to Coloma.  The kids were learning about environments for animals.  We ALL (even parents) rode the bus out to Coloma and learned quite a bit about the animals and their habitats.
Tyler and Evan - My Group
My Buddy and I On The Bus
 Our first stop was inside this classroom.  The kids are learning about riverbeds here.  They got to build with sand and logs and different objects to create a riverbed and control the flow of water.
Ian, Evan, and Tyler
 The room also had lots of stuffed critters that the kids were able to pet. 
Tyler and Jenna Pet a Large Cat

 This is about the closest I would ever want to come to a mountain lion.  Eeek!

Tyler Was Checking Out Specimens

 After we were done in the classroom the kids were given the task of making an environment for a critter.  Our creature was a beaver, so they made some water and trees and lots of land.
Tyler, Ethan, Eathen, and Evan

Love This Guy!

Checking Out the Tree
The field trip was fun.  Mom...oh wait, Tyler...can't wait for the next one.

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