Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Disney On Ice

On Valentines Day, Jill, Brooke, and I took our kids to see Disney on Ice. The show we were seeing was the World of Disney and it had Cars, the Little Mermaid, the Lion King, and Tinkerbell. A little something for everyone...
It is my tradition to get one of these pictures taken at each show (despite the astronomical cost) for properity. We picked the Lightning McQueen display so that the boys wouldn't cringe and the girls seemed okay with it. The picture turned out really cute and we had a fun (albeit expensive) day.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Meeting Baby Anna

The weekend of January 16th we were FINALLY able to meet Baby Anna. Unfortunately, Matt's Grandpa passed away and Matt and Michelle and the kids flew out here to attend the funeral. We were sad that the reason they came out here was death, but we were also pleased to get to celebrate new life and meet Baby Anna. We weren't sure if we were going to meet her while she was a precious little baby. And boy oh boy is she precious.Here is Grandma Karla with her granddaughters Uncle Zach! They both looked shocked that he's holding her
Watching the three of them together was so much fun. Tyler and Lucy really love playing with their cousin Joey. Tyler liked having a boy to play with. He's pretty surrounded by girls most of the time! We ended the day by having Grandma read bedtime stories to her kiddos. It was supposed to knock the kids out, but I have a feeling Grandma was the first one asleep.
We had a really special day with the Molinari family. It would be so amazing if they lived in California! We look forward to our next visit with Joey and Anna. Oh, and Matt and Michelle too!

A Princess Party Fit For a Queen

On Saturday, January 30th we held a royal ball for Lucy's 3rd birthday. The princesses were invited to come in their best dress and dance the afternoon away. We turned our formal dining room into a castle...complete with Disney princesses. The effect was pretty amazing! We decorated the room the night before Lucy's actual birthday so that she would be surprised when she woke up...and it made setup easier for the night before the party. Here is Lucy posting with her AMAZING cakes that we ordered for the party.Lucy's doll cakes and her big Ariel cake...they were pretty AND yummy!Each girl made a tiara. Every princess needs one...or two...right?The girls danced and danced and danced
We had a photo boothWe played pin the crown on the princess...
Happy Birthday to Lucy...Happy Birthday to You!

The party was a lot of fun. I really hope it's something Lucy will remember for a long, long time! Happy 3rd Birthday Goose Goose!