Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Soccer Pictures

Soccer pictures are one of the main reasons we started playing the sport in the first place.  Well, not really, but kind of sort of...

The Ninjas
Coach Jenn, Noah R., Zachary, Ethan, Luke, Bobby, Lucas
Preston, Dominic, Conner, Tyler, Andrew, Aidan, Noah Z.

Tyler - 2011

Awesome Buddy Picture - Bobby, Tyler, and Lucas

Coach Zach, Austin, Kelsey, Ethan, Kaitlyn, Lauren, Lucy, Coach Jenn
Greyson, Sami, Lucas, Logan, Zachary, Emerson, William

Lucy - 2011

Buddy Pictures!  The Cutest Soccer Players EVER!

All Star Soccer

Tyler was lucky enough to be selected to play on the All Star Soccer team this past year.  He's only played soccer for three years, but he's a pretty good player.  This tournament gave him some really good experience into playing positions and being coached by someone other than Mom.  The boys had a record of 3-0 and played SO well.  The parents enjoyed the show too!
Prospector All-Stars 2011

Tyler and Lucas - All Stars and Best Friends

School Pictures

The kids had their school pictures done in October.  For Tyler's pictures this year there were so many options!  We ordered a few different styles and they turned out pretty cute!  Our little first grader is a pretty special kid.

Mrs. Fritts' Class Picture
Lucy's pictures were also taken in October, but they just did individual shots.  We will get the class picture in the spring.  Lucy had just picked out this dress at her fall shopping spree.  She looks pretty precious in this picture.  It's a keeper...and so is she.

Reasons I Go To Work...

Sometimes on Wednesdays and Fridays Lucy will come into the office with me before I take her to pre-school.  She likes to draw lots of pictures for Mommy and Daddy.  She decorates my wall with beautiful pictures.  When she sits in my cubicle it makes my office a lot prettier.  Having her visit me at work makes the day a bit more bearable...

Happy Halloween

Halloween fell on a Monday this year, so the kids were able to celebrate from Friday to Monday. The kids were able to wear their costumes to school, so we really got our money's worth out of these costumes!

Tyler Was An Angry Bird

Lucy Was Smurfette

 When we went trick or treating in the evening Lucy wanted her face painted, so Auntie Michelle put this rainbow on her face.  She's the cutest little Smurf ever!

It Was Fun To Trick Or Treat With Our Cousins

She Was SO Excited To Get Candy!

We Love Uncle Matty and Auntie Michelle!

Grandma Karla Joined In On the Fun Too!
This was one of the most fun trick or treating experiences yet.  The kids had fun being with their cousins and the adults had fun being with each other.  Hopefully we can do it again next year!

Disney on Ice

We LOVE Disney on Ice!  We try to go to every show when they come to town...especially the ones we haven't seen yet.  Disney on Ice tends to come in October and then again in February.  This October show was a newer one and it included the newest princess Rapunzel.  This time we had a BIG group.  Jill, Lucas, Brooke, Aria, Matea, Brian, Rachel, Colby, Tyler, Lucy, and I.  We had a good time eating the junk food and and buying the junk.
 Lucas bought some popcorn and it came with this Incredibles mask.  We all took turns wearing it and pretending to be Incredible!

 Zach didn't come with us, but he did enjoy wearing the mask on Halloween!
We can't wait for the next show in February!  It's all about Toy Story 3!