Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Disney on Ice

We LOVE Disney on Ice!  We try to go to every show when they come to town...especially the ones we haven't seen yet.  Disney on Ice tends to come in October and then again in February.  This October show was a newer one and it included the newest princess Rapunzel.  This time we had a BIG group.  Jill, Lucas, Brooke, Aria, Matea, Brian, Rachel, Colby, Tyler, Lucy, and I.  We had a good time eating the junk food and and buying the junk.
 Lucas bought some popcorn and it came with this Incredibles mask.  We all took turns wearing it and pretending to be Incredible!

 Zach didn't come with us, but he did enjoy wearing the mask on Halloween!
We can't wait for the next show in February!  It's all about Toy Story 3!

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