Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Day of Preschool

Lucy started school a week after Tyler, so she was able to have her own special "first day".  She got all dressed up and was so excited to be back at Busy Bees.

 Lucy is waiting outside her school.  Smile Honey Bee!

Savy & Lucy

Lucy LOVES to paint.  She wasted no time walking over to the easel and grabbing a brush.  Our sweet little artist.  Enjoy preschool Goose!

Have a Tiki-Riffic Time

This year we had a separate family party for Tyler's birthday.  He was bound and determined to have a tiki party, so we found some really cute invitations with a tiki theme and went from there.  We had seen these cupcakes on another friend's blog, so we decided to try them out.  Jill came over to help decorate.  They turned out so cute!
 Everleigh and Anna are a couple of months apart.  Watching them play together could be so fun!
 Originally we were going to have the party at our house, but we changed our mind and thought a pool party would go well with the tiki theme.  It was so nice to enjoy Grandma and Grandpa's beautiful backyard and wonderful pool.  The kids had so much fun, and the adults probably did too...
 Check out the cool party hats!

Quillan (5), Anna (1), Lucy (4), Everleigh (2), Tyler (7), and Joey (3)

 Tyler loves to have pinatas, but they aren't mom's favorite thing.  We found a really cool tiki pinata and filled it with candy and tiki necklaces.  The kids were each able to take a couple whacks at it, but it was Jared who busted it wide open.

Anna Was a Fan of the Pinata Fillers

Look At This Face!
 Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you...
We were finally able to dive into those yummy looking cupcakes.
 This tiki was supposed to be a party decoration.  I guess he kind of turned into a guest that got beat up!
Happy Birthday Tyler!  We hope you had a tiki-riffic birthday party!

Rivercats Celebration

The company we work for, AME, was celebrating their 20th anniversary and decided to take everyone to a Rivercats baseball game.  We've only been to one as a family and we didn't stay long and had grass seats.  These seats had free food service and little tables in front of the seats.  It was awesome!

He Was Ready (With Daddy's Old Glove) To Catch the Fly Ball

Kara and Ryan were able to attend the game as well, so the kids were excited to see their cousins.  Thanks to Auntie Judy they all sported the same glasses.  Aren't they the cutest?!
A lady at work brough in these under eye stickers for the kids to look tough.  They also got some tattoos!  They were the ultimate fans.


Raley Field
We had a fun night out as a family and will have to try this again sometime.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Another Soccer Player

Lucy is finally old enough to play soccer like her big brother.  She asked Mommy to coach her team too, so she's a Panther on the U6 team.  Her teammates include some friends and neighbors, so this should be a fun year for her!

It's His Big Day!

Happy 7th Birthday Buddy!  Tyler was bound and determined to wake up on his birthday morning (before school) and open his presents.  He had asked for an electric spark scooter and that's what he got!  He was pretty excited.  Too bad he wasn't able to ride it right away, but he got his chance later.  Happy Birthday Little Dude!

7?!  Really?!
Tyler LOVES Angry Birds and wanted this stuffy.  I wonder if he wanted that hug too? 
 Tyler wanted to go celebrate his birthday by bowling and having dinner at Olive Garden.  Zach and I picked him up from school and he asked if his best friend could come with us.  Of course!  So, we snatched Lucas and brought him with us.  We were only able to bowl for a half hour, but we all had a great time.

Gotta Love Bowling Shoes
 Tyler wanted to have the Olive Garden for dinner but we ran short on time, so we went to Islands.  The kids had fun and ate really well.  Bowling makes you tired, I guess.
After dinner we had soccer practice for Lucy, so Zach took Tyler to the park to ride his new toy.  He had a great time zooming around and making sparks.  Happy Birthday Bobo!

First Day of 1st Grade

August 10, 2011
Tyler's First Day of 1st Grade

 Tyler was a little nervous for the first day of school because his best friends weren't in class with him.  But, once he saw his desk and his nametag he seemed to be doing MUCH better.  His teacher, Mrs. Fritts', was Aunt Kara's teacher when she was in the third grade.  Awesome!
We love you Tyler James!  Enjoy the first grade and make us proud.

Love Them Cousins

It is SO great to have the Molinari's living so close to us.  God just had a wonderful plan when he moved them back to Placerville.  We love them!  The cousins have SO much fun when they get together.  We took the kids to the Placerville Aquatic Center and let the kids play while Michelle and I got to chat.  Anna was really interested in the snacks, but she did get wet a few times.

Lucy Likes to Lounge


Just Love Her Freckle Nose
 Back at the house the kids found these Star Wars masks and had a little fun.

We love the Molinari family with all our hearts.  The Darth Vaders are a different story, though...

Celebrate 7 In A BIG Way

Happy Birthday to Tyler James!  7 years old already?!  It feels like just yesterday...or maybe a little more than that...that we brought you home from the hospital!  For this birthday we decided to do things a little different (and more complicated) by having one party for friends and another party for family.  That way Tyler can focus on his friends at one party and then play with his cousins at the other party.

For the friend party Tyler wanted to play video games...and lots of 'em.  We had seen an ad for a video gaming party bus.  We checked it out and it looked pretty neat.  A lot neater than moving all of our TVs and gaming systems into one room of our house!   
The Pink Party Bus Arrived and Tyler Was STOKED!
The theme was video games, so Uncle Matty made some awesome invitations with a Mii of Tyler.  Here is one of the Miis on a cupcake topper for the birthday cupcakes.  Thanks Auntie Bea's Bakery!
The Final Product

The Party Favors Were Wii Remotes (Made Out of Paper) With Gummy Bears Inside (link to the template:  http://anthony.liekens.net/index.php/Misc/PaperMockupOfWiiRemote)
 The kids were pretty excited to get on the bus and play some games.  The driver was a bit late in setting up, so the kids ate some McDonald's cheeseburgers until he was ready to go.  Once the bus was ready...watch out!
Some of the Partiers...Bobby, William, Gavin, Morgan, Ben, Christopher, Lucas and Tyler
 The bus had four little TVs and then a big project screen with the Wii machine on it.  That one was the most popular, so the girls got to play Just Dance for the first 20 or 30 minutes and then the boys took over with everything Mario related.

Lucy is a Rock Star!

Happy 7th Birthday Buddy!
The boys did a really good job rotating and taking turns with the controllers.  They all seem to love video games!
 Maybe they love them a bit too much...

Even Zach Got In On The Action
 Normally we do elaborate cupcakes or a big cake, but this year we toned it down a bit.  We bought a cake for Tyler that a Wii remote and then the rest of the cupcakes were just chocolate with the Miis on top.  Good stuff!

Tyler With His Wii Cake
It was a great party and super easy for clean up.  Tyler had a good time with his buddies before school started.  The kids seemed to have fun playing video games...if dragging them off the bus is any indication.  Happy Birthday to our big guy.