Thursday, August 25, 2011

Annual Camping Trip at Doran's Beach

We took our annual camping trip to Bodega Bay this summer (July 17th to 20th) and stayed at the BEST spots at Doran's Beach.  The kids have so much fun riding their bikes around the circle, hiding out in the trees, playing at the beach, and being with their friends.  The adults have fun doing pretty much the same thing!  Throw in a s'more or two and you've got a great trip!

We Sure Do Love Taking Picturse of Ourselves

This Happy Camper Was the Sweetest of the Bunch

Matea Enjoyed Wearing Her Helmet ALL Day

We Spent a Lot of Time at the Beach.  The Kids Had Fun, But There Was Sand EVERYWHERE!

A Hat Is Necessary, But Maybe Not THAT Hat!

This Girl Is the Cutest!

Zach Got To Break In The New Kayak

This Is An Annual Thing Too.  Taffy is a MUST Have!

Tyler Is The BEST!

We Experimented With S'Mores.  This One Had Marshmallow Between Two Chocolate Chip Cookies.

We Rode Our Bikes to the Jetty and Found Starfish and Amoebas

She's Always Striking a Pose

LOVE This Little Girl

The Love Each Other

We Really Had Fun Riding Our Bikes Everywhere

On the Last Night We Had Our Fish Fry Again.  Yum!

These Kids Are the BEST of Friends

Ready, Set, Go...Juice Box Drinking Contest!

Love This Family
We really enjoy this camping trip and always make so many memories.  And we make some pretty cool s'mores...

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