Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bring on the Fair Food!

The California State Fair!  Last year we weren't able to go to the fair because Mom was on crutches.  That would have been a lot of work just to get a corndog, so we just waited until this year and ate two.  Well, not really, but the thought did cross my mind.  We went this year on a Monday (after summer camp) in the hopes that it would be less crowded (it was) and with the hope that the corndog line would be shorter (it wasn't).  But, that was the first place we went!  Hot Dog on A stick here we come!  Or Corn on a Stick if you're Grandma...
After our lunch we headed towards the Big Bug exhibit.  It was pretty cool.  And so is this picture!
At one point we ended up near the Cavalcade of Horses and the kids had all kinds of fun there.  They were able to pet a few horses and one pony.  They also found this dress up booth and put on some cowboy duds, boots, and hats.  I'm sure it was the most sanitary booth in all the fair...

 The kids were begging the ENTIRE time to ride the rollercoasters.  Seriously, the ENTIRE time.

The kids wouldn't pose in front of the Golden Bears for me, so I made them stand in front of this big popcorn thing.  Smile and say, "BUTTER!"

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