Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fourth of July Fun

We thought it would be fun to go to Tahoe for the 4th of July weekend with friends.  Zach went up early on Thursday to ride his motorcycle around the lake, so that evening the kids and I packed up and drove up to Tahoe on our own.  We met Brooke and her kids and did a Thelma and Louise up the hill! 
On Friday we woke up in the cabin and had breakfast at our favorite restaurant. We relaxed and enjoyed Tahoe. Later in the day the Baker family showed up and we took a ride on the Tahoe Gal. It was a gorgeous day and the lake was so blue. What a fun time!

The Big Kids on the Tahoe Gal

Our Family on the Boat

Lucy, Matea and Bailey on the Boat
We also enjoyed the local beach/park in Tahoe City.  The kids had fun running in the sand and playing at the park on the beach. 
Big Brother Tyler and Little Sister Lucy

All the Big Kids

Aria & Tyler
The next day we went on a bike ride as a whole group and enjoyed riding next to the lake. Beautiful scenery to enjoy while sweating it out. Tyler and Aria rode their bikes and the younger girls all rode in trailers. Brooke and Nicole pushed the babies in strollers. The ride went fairly well, except for one crash...Aria went down and Jenn flipped her bike by slamming on her brakes too hard!

The Whole Gang on a Bike Ride
After the bike ride we stopped and enjoyed a snack at the beach.  The kids will take any excuse they can to throw rocks in the water.  And pose like goofballs for pictures!

Another Family Shot
The men really enjoyed the kayaks on this trip.  Zach took each kid out for a ride and they all seemed to enjoy it.  Jenn would rather keep her feet on solid ground...

Enjoying Commons Beach

Bailey, Matea, Zach, Lucy, Tyler, Aria, and Mat Take A Trip In the Kaboat
Matea and Lucy are BEST Buds!
I got the idea to line the kids up on the steps from oldest to youngest.  The picture turned out pretty cute!
Aria, Tyler, Matea, Lucy, and Bailey
On Sunday we enjoyed a picnic at the river.  We were going to try and do a hike, but it didn't work out so we decided to walk the river.  We stopped to have a picnic, but there were bugs EVERYwhere.  The dogs enjoyed the water and the kids enjoyed the lunch. 
Zach and BB Enjoyed the River

This is just a random picture that Zach took while he was out on the lake.  The guys would get up early each morning and enjoy kayak rides on the lake.  It looks a lot more peaceful than three moms getting 5 big kids and 2 babies ready to leave the house!
We had a nice time in Tahoe and look forward to going back soon!

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