Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!
This Easter we will be camping in Yosemite, so we weren't going to get Easter outfits or do pictures. But then Tyler's school had picture day (with a real live bunny) and I decided that it would be cute to get their picture taken. And wasn't it a good decision?
I don't know how the bunny feels, but the kids look like they are having a nice time.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Zach's Aunt, Uncle, and Grandma came to town recently, so we all got together for a family dinner. It was the first time that the four cousins have been together since Christmas, and Everleigh has grown up so much since then. She was laughing and trying to crawl and just so busy being the happiest baby EVER!
Tyler, Quillan, Everleigh, and Lucy posed in their post-bath attire

We were trying to take a generational picture of the Mickelson group here, but Lucy wasn't really excited about that. We had to coax her to sit on Grandma's lap and stop crying. But, Grandma Grace worked her magic (finally!) and we got a decent picture of the whole group.

Aren't family visits so much fun?!

No More Training Wheels!

On Saturday, February 13th we decided...well, Mom was time for Tyler to try out his bike with no training wheels. Tyler was a little apprehensive, but we told him that he needed to try for 10 minutes and if he didn't like it, or couldn't get it, then we would stop. We have our Yosemite trip coming up and it would be so cool if Tyler were able to ride the trails on his own bike. Zach was a little hesitant about the whole bike riding thing, so I took the reigns and took Tyler in the backyard to give it a go. He picked up on it IMMEDIATELY, so we went down to the park where there was more room. Luckily, there wasn't anyone playing basketball, so we didn't have to dodge balls while learning to balance on two wheels.

Here is Tyler taking off the first time I let go of his seat
And he's off!
He was SO proud of himself and so were Mommy & Daddy!
It's kind of sad to watch the kids grow up and become big kids, but at the same it's really neat. This was a fun experience and we felt SO proud of our little guy.

Little Pixie, Big Attitude

It has been too long since my last update. We've been so busy around here! Zach has finally downloaded the pictures, so the ball is in my court to update everything else. As I was going through the pictures I found these cute ones of Lucy riding her scooter in the backyard. Zach must have taken them one day while they were playing outside. The shirt describes Lucy to a "t"...Little Pixie, Big Attitude.
As you can tell by the picture below...