Friday, December 26, 2008

My Dad

We had the memorial service for my Dad on Tuesday, December 23rd. I don't know what more to say, so I thought I would post my speech from the service.
My Mom and Dad met when I was 11 months old. He introduced me to sugar...and I knew from that moment that he was a good man. :)
I've struggled with what to say today. I was with my mom when the doctor said that Dad didn't make it. I feel like that moment is all that I can remember lately and the rest of our memories are just gone.
Through this planning process we've looked at pictures and relived so many memories. My Dad lived a good life and he had a shining smile (and REALLY good hair). I saw pictures of him teaching me to count circle money and how to change the oil in my car. I was reminded of his pride on my wedding day and the days that his grandchildren were born. I saw his smile in so many pictures and was reminded of his love for the people in his family. And his love for me.
The more we look at pictures and share stories the more I remember my Daddy and how proud he was of me and the person I had become...and less about that one moment in time. My Dad was my hero and I will miss him and honor him every day of my life.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Santa Picture

I don't normally do a formal Santa photo. Our local scrapbook store had Santa in one day for a few hours and we would go take some snapshots and be done, but they went out of business. I don't want to wait in a mall or go to the North Pole or any of that. So, when I saw this opportunity to make an appointment with Santa to have some pictures taken at the Little People Gym in Folsom I thought it was perfect. But, I guess it can only be considered perfect if your child is not deathly afraid of Santa Claus and screaming bloody murder when she sits on his lap. That would be how Lucy reacted to having her picture taken with Santa. They tried to have the kids sit alone and Santa would sneak in, but I don't think he could hear well and didn't come out in time. The kids figured him out and Lucy was off and running. Luckily I had planned ahead and wore something that matched the kids because I had a tiny inkling that I would have to be in the picture too. Oh well...memories, right?

Joey did a great job sitting on Old St. Nick's lap, though. I think he even told him that he wanted a new baby brother or sister for Christmas. :)

November In A Nutshell

I didn't realize how behind I was on our family blog. I knew I had things to add and hadn't found the time to do it, but my goodness. I'm sorry that you had to keep hanging on for information about the family. :) I doubt we are that exciting...but I'll try to keep it interesting.

On November 1st Jenn took the kids to see Disney on Ice. We went with Jeddi, Austin, Hannah & Megan. Lucy has never had to sit through a performance before, so this was a new experience...but she did really well. Tyler was the one that got impatient! But, a few small bags of Halloween candy from Halloween the night before, a box of popcorn, and two $20 (each) princess toys (yes, I said princess for each of them...don't ask) and they sat through the whole show.

After Disney on Ice was over we ran (through the rain) to the car and drove up to Lakehills Church. They were having their annual Harvest Festival, so we met Grandma Karla at the church for some ho-down good times. They were serving chili, cornbread, and lots of dessert. They had pony rides for the kids and line dancing for the old folks and kids.

While reading a Parent's Magazine I saw an article on how to make the cutest turkeys out of Oreo cookies. I thought it would be fun to take them into Tyler's class for snack one day. It was so much fun and Tyler seemed really happy to have me there. I guess I'd better enjoy that while I can!

This next picture just makes me laugh. The Saturday after Thanksgiving we went to play tennis with the Guthmiller's. Lucy didn't want to be set down, so she and I made a compromise. Or did we?

Later that same Saturday we hosted a first birthday party our nephew, Joey, at our house. It was so much fun to watch him get excited over his cupcake and to smash it to bits. He would get some in his hands and then CLAP, CLAP, CLAP and send cupcake everywhere. It was awesome. Tyler gave Joey the thumbs up on a job well done with the cupcake. Lucy enjoyed the show!

And last but not least (in December actually) we went to see Sesame Street Live. We got awesome seats in the front row...right next to Elmo and the Gang. Brooke, Aria, and Matea went with us and I'm not sure who had more fun...the kids or Brooke and I! It was a great show.