Thursday, December 11, 2008

Santa Picture

I don't normally do a formal Santa photo. Our local scrapbook store had Santa in one day for a few hours and we would go take some snapshots and be done, but they went out of business. I don't want to wait in a mall or go to the North Pole or any of that. So, when I saw this opportunity to make an appointment with Santa to have some pictures taken at the Little People Gym in Folsom I thought it was perfect. But, I guess it can only be considered perfect if your child is not deathly afraid of Santa Claus and screaming bloody murder when she sits on his lap. That would be how Lucy reacted to having her picture taken with Santa. They tried to have the kids sit alone and Santa would sneak in, but I don't think he could hear well and didn't come out in time. The kids figured him out and Lucy was off and running. Luckily I had planned ahead and wore something that matched the kids because I had a tiny inkling that I would have to be in the picture too. Oh well...memories, right?

Joey did a great job sitting on Old St. Nick's lap, though. I think he even told him that he wanted a new baby brother or sister for Christmas. :)

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