Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lucy Is Turning Two!

Happy Birthday Lucy Goosey! It is ABSOLUTELY insane that our little girl is turning two years old tomorrow. Where does the time go? It seems like she went from this sweet little baby to a feisty and stubborn 2 year old. Still sweet, but sweet with attitude. And she'll tell you that too.

We took her to Kiddie Kandids to have her pictures done...and wouldn't you know...she pulled the same thing Tyler did at that age. She didn't want her picture taken! I sat with her and they took some pictures, let her push the button, and then I got her up on my knees and they got some close up shots. Finally, after about 10 minutes I was able to set her down and scootch a tiny bit out of the shot. Daddy came around the corner and she just lit up. That's the shot we got. She's enamored with Dada right now and just smiles when he's around. Unless of course she clinging to my leg when I'm cooking and he's trying to help me by taking her in his arms. Then and only then does she not want to be with Dada!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Pause This...

We sure do live in a different day and age than when I was growing up. And I'm okay with that. It's just that my kids say funny things that make me laugh...and it has to do with new technology. Because of how quickly we can have things we want Tyler has NO patience whatsoever. He's used to watching his shows on Tivo or On Demand and having them NOW. He gets so confused when we watch live TV and can't fast forward the pesky commercials. Lucy thinks that everything can be paused. When I'm doing something on the computer and she wants my attention she says, "Pause this Mommy."
I think we live too much in a Tivo world in our house...

Friday, January 2, 2009

Arizona Reunion Trip

The kids and I decided to tag along with Grandma Karla and head to the family reunion in Arizona. We wanted more family time and thought this would be just the way to get it. We left California on Friday, December 26th and got into our room VERY late that night. The kids did so well and traveled like little pros. The next morning we woke up and decided we hadn't had enough of Uncle Matty, Auntie Michelle, and Baby Joey so we drove in our bright blue Jeep Patriot to Anthem. We hung out at their house, played at the park, and of course, rode the train! We got the whole gang on there...except for Uncle Matty. He was running with Tucker.

Tyler had fun going down the slides too. I don't know why the blog is posting the picture sideways like this...but I thought it was a cute picture to post.

Unfortunately, we had a bit of an emergency while we were in Arizona. The kids and I had stopped at the Target to buy some diapers and some apple juice and Lucout of the cart and hit her head VERY hard. She got sick on me and it freaked me out. So, Mommy and Lucy took a little ride in the ambulance to the Children's Hospital. Lucy got a catscan and the all clear. The picture below is in our hotel room (in her gown) after we got home. She did sustain a fracture in her skull...so we're trying to make sure our dangerous girl doesn't take another spill.

We had a lot of fun at the reunion and seeing family. On the last night of our trip a bunch of us cousins went to Peter Piper Pizza for dinner. We had SO much fun. We got 100 tokens and just went CRAZY. Uncle Matty was working all of us as the Ticket Nazi. He even had Tyler and Lucy grabbing tickets and adding them to the pile. It was so much fun and we had so many laughs. We ended up with 1,374 tickets and bought a bunch of junk to take home. It was so much fun and we laughed really hard.

If you want to see anymore of our pictures you can click on the link on the right side of this page. Our Shutterfly page has all the recent pictures.

Christmas Festivities

This year our Christmas was obviously different and more solemn for Mommy and Daddy, but by the looks of the things with the kids it was business as usual for them! We spent Christmas Eve at Zach's parent's house. Whew...having a 1 year old, 2 year old, and 4 year old was INSANE! They just ripped through the gifts and wanted them all opened immediately. Lucy had to put each item of dress up or clothing on right away. It was hilarious and reminiscent of Mommy when she was a little girl.

On Christmas morning we had our normal morning...wake up, see what Santa left under the tree, and open our stockings. Tyler was WAY excited to see that Santa left Spike the Dinosaur under the tree and Lucy was ecstatic with her dollhouse. It was a relatively peaceful morning as we opened our presents. I say relatively because Santa left a bit 'o cookie and a ton of ants found it. Ugh. Not the gift in my stocking I was looking for!
Matt, Michelle, and Joey were still in town, so we invited them and my Mom over for Christmas dinner. It was really low key...most of our meal was leftovers from the reception at my Mom's house after the memorial service. Zach cooked a tri tip and my Mom made some mashed potatoes. It was a nice, quiet afternoon. Tyler was engrossed in his Leapster game, Lucy was running around in her big girl panties, and Joey was taking it all in. We had a really nice holiday together as a family...but we sure did miss our Dad.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jingle Bells

This is Tyler's class singing Jingle Bells. Too cute...

Christmas Activities

It's been awhile since I've updated the blog, so I'd better get on here and do it now that the entire month is gone. I'll try to do December in a nutshell. The kids and I baked and a gingerbread house...

We rode the Christmas train this year, but we did a local train instead of going to Santa Cruz. It was fun (not as much fun as Santa Cruz), but we ate cookies, drank yummy hot chocolate, and listened to songs. Santa was on board, which did NOT please Lucy. She freaked out and clung to me when he was near. Overall we had a good time and the kids wore their matching pajamas from Grandpa Don & Nonnie.

Tyler's school put on a program where the kids sang Christmas carols and wore cute little reindeer ears. It was precious. I will put a picture in this post and try to upload a video. It was darling!