Friday, July 8, 2011

Random Summer Fun

So far the kids have had a pretty eventful summer!  Here are some random shots taken with the iPhone throughout the month of June.

Tyler & Aria at Promontory Park

Lucy, Quillan, Tyler & Everleigh
We Had The Girls Over for Pizza Dinner One Friday Night

Tyler & Lucy Have Been Enjoying a Later Bedtime and Reading Their Books in Bed
Zach Took the Kids JetSkiing One Day.  They Had a BLAST!

Enjoying the Lake With Daddy
Slide at the Concert in the Park...and Mommy Having Fun With Editing Software

Aria's Turn to Slide!

Lucy Got Some Air

Go Tea!

They Always Hold Hands.  So Sweet!

Lucy Is My Little Gymnast

Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting...
We Hung With Our Cousins at Cameron Park Lake

Tyler and Joey Had Fun Swimming

Tyler & Aria Enjoyed the Lake As Well

Lucy Mostly Played in the Sand.  Some Jerk Was Yelling in the Water Earlier in the Day and Scared Her. :(

We Went to See Cars 2 in 3D


Lucy and Lauren
Tyler & Bobby

I'm sure we have many more memories to make this summer and we look forward to every one of them!

Safetyville Tour

Safetyville has always been a place that I want to visit, but we've never had the opportunity to take a tour.  On June 25th, our neighbor April set up a tour for the neighborhood gang.  We were a small group, due to sickness knocking out a few members, but we still had a good time and I think the kids learned a thing of two.  And, hey, it was a dream fulfilled for me to take the tour of the elusive Safetyville.

Tyler got to practice making a call to 9-1-1

And Lucy Was Able to Pull the Railroad Crossing Sign

She Enjoyed that Part!

This Might Have Been The Only Time the Kids Sat Still and Listened

Posing in Front of the Mini-McDonalds

Lucy, Noah, Tyler, and Lucas

The Boys Were Pretending to Be Dead

The Mayors of Safetyville

It was fun and we plan to go back for Family Bike Night.  The kids will be able to "safely" ride around the little kid-sized town.

Dance Recital

On June 23rd Lucy participated in her first summer recital with Tricks. Her class danced to Michael Jackson's ABC and were representing the 1970's. The dance outfits and the girls were SUPER cute!

Class Picture
Brook, Lucy, Grace, Ciara
Miranda and Kyra

Lucy's Picture
Practicing Poses Before Rehearsal

My Beautiful Ballerina

Preparing to Dance

ABC, 123 Baby You and Me...

Accepting Flowers From Her Brother...He Looks Thrilled.
The recital was really cute and the girls did a great job!

After the recital the girls are moving on to the next class.  They graduated!  Next will be tap shoes...

June Birthday Parties!

June has been a busy month for us with birthday parties!  We  started off the month with Mommy's birthday.  We went to dinner as a family at Jack's Urban Eats, saw Mary Poppins, and then had dinner with the Guthmiller family at Il Forno Classico.  Mommy felt VERY special!  She also got cupcakes from her BEST friend Jill and they were YUMMY!

Dinner at Jack's Urban Eats
Our Family
My Loves!
Later in the month Tyler's friend Preston had a birthday party.  It was fun for Tyler to get together with his friends from school and play together.  Happy 6th Birthday Preston!

The same day we had Aria's 7th birthday party.  She wanted a HUGE water slide, so that's what she got!  The kids had fun going on the slide for hours and hours.  Lots of fun was had by all!

Then...three days later we attended a party for another classmate of Tyler's - Natalie.  She had her party at the aquatic center and quite a few classmates showed up.  The kids had a really good time and Tyler enjoyed the water slide.  He was finally tall enough to go on the slide.  Well, the first two times.  For some reason Tyler and Lucas were denied the third time they tried to go down.

Happy Birthday to all the special people born in June!