Friday, July 8, 2011

VBS - Pandamania!

Our church wasn't doing a VBS (Vacation Bible School) this year, so when we found out that our friend's church was having one we signed up right away.  Quite a few friends from Tyler's class were doing the week-long bible program, one of them being his best buddy Lucas, so the kids were excited.  And Mommy was off three days that week and it meant two mornings, 3 hours, of alone time!  Seriously?!  Sign me...I mean, them...up!
On the First Day - Lucas, Tyler, and Lucy

Lucy and Lauren
Unfortunately, all the kids were in separate groups, but it might have enhanced their experience as they both said it was the BEST VBS ever and they can't wait to go back next year.  Lucy was nervous on the first day to be left in a new place, but her friend Lauren helped make her feel comfortable.  Tyler, on the other hand, ran right into the other room without so much as a hug or a wave. 

Later that night and we were talking about the day and Tyler told me that his favorite lesson was that God never forgets you.  Lately he's been feeling a little bit left behind, so while this lesson warmed my heart it also made it ache.  But, I'm glad that he was learning that his Heavenly Father will ALWAYS be there for him if he feels like everyone else is failing him.  We were lucky enough to have borrowed the CD of songs from a friend and have downloaded, and possiby worn out, the music.  The songs are on repeat and we love them!

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