Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tyler's First Soccer Game

This past Saturday was Tyler's first "real" soccer game. He was so excited to don his uniform and go kick the ball around the soccer field with his friends and teammates. Doesn't he look so cute?Here is Tyler and Coach Jenn
Go Panthers! Tyler did a pretty good job for his first game. He even scored a goal at the end of the game.The weather was crazy. We got rained on and there was thunder! Lucy was snuggling and protecting Grandma Karla from it all!

The State Fair

On Labor Day weekend we went to the State Fair with the Mello Family. We were looking forward to the food, the exhibits, the food, the Michael Jackson stuff, the food...and, did I mention food?!
Here is the obligatory Golden Bear picture. Matea was NOT a fan of sitting on the bear.

Here is a picture of the kids enjoying their corn dogs and lemonade. We walked in the gates and found Hot Dog on a Stick right away!

Tyler was excited to pet the spikey-haired chicken. Lucy wanted nothing to do with it!This was a fun exhibit! Everything was built really big to make you feel like an ant in the garden. It was like a real life Bug's Life.

Brooke and I just had to get our picture taken in front of the Neverland sign. We also posed with Michael Jackson!These rides had originally been at the Neverland Ranch. The kids were SO excited to ride in the Jeeps and the boats. Well, except for Tea. She was not a fan of the boat ride!We ended the fair with a Hawaiian shaved ice. So yummy! Well, mostly. The kids picked two of the three flavors. Strawberry, blue raspberry, and apple. This is one of my favorite fair treats!
We had a great time at the fair

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Our Camping Trip

Tyler has been asking since last year, "When do we get to go back to Dillon's Beach?!" Well, he finally got his wish. We went back the last weekend of August and camped for 3 nights. He was in Heaven with the sand, the ocean, and his best friend. Oh, and don't forget the powdered donuts for breakfast, the orange Doritos, and the roasted marshmallows. I'd say from the pictures that Lucy had a pretty good time too! The kids were getting more and more brave and heading out further and further into the water. Crazy kids! They were soaking wet!This was Lucy's private Port-A-Potty
Ah, the marshmallows...
The first morning we were there the kids woke up SUPER early and wanted to go on an adventure right away. The guys were off fishing and the two other families that were there were still sleeping, so we snuck out of camp to hike up a REALLY tall set of dunes. The kids had so much energy and just ran to the top. Brooke and Jenn had to carry the little girls a bit...and we were we took our time. Luckily Zeus was the keeper of the big kids. He would sit and rest and keep his eye on the kids and then reluctantly get up and go chase them when they got too far away. It was cute.When the guys came home from fishing empty handed we asked them to take us to Bodega Bay for some fish 'n chips and clam chowder. So, we drove into town and took a little break from camping. We ate our food and bought some taffy from the Kite & Candy store. It was a nice break, and since we'd only been camping for one day we didn't look too, too scary.
At a beach in Bodega Bay. I don't know how my kids always end up naked!
Tyler & Aria - Bestest Friends
Zach and Jenn
Our tent was the party tent. The kids were playing with the Leapster, the walkie talkies, and the DVD player. My how camping has changed...We would take daily bike rides down to the marina to scope out seals. We saw one! I didn't get a picture of this, but we were sitting on the beach and one swam right in front of us not too far off shore. It was neat...but I was praying that he kept swimming and didn't venture towards shore!
Goose Toes

Tyler and Aria walked everywhere hand in hand

Lucy and Bailey had fun watching Zach fly his kite

Our requisite family photo

This was taken the last night of camping. These kids were worn out!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Wild Wild West

We went to the State Fair over Labor Day weekend and I couldn't pass up the Old Tyme Photo shoot. Aren't they just so cute?!