Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Little League Night at the Rivercats

This year the Pirates had a pretty strong showing at the Rivercats Little League night.  About 7 of our boys were there to walk on the field and feel like a pro for a few minutes.  As a coach, it was pretty amazing to be down on the field, so I can understand the kids' awe.  I'm more humble, though.  These boys thought they were rock stars!
Kaden, Jacob, Brody, Lucas, Tyler, and James (Aiden is not pictured but he was there too!)

On the field and waving at their adoring fans

High Fiving a Rivercats Player

High Fiving Their "Fans"

Trying to capture our family fun
This was our first Rivercats game.  We sat on the grass and the kids enjoyed following Dinger and running around.  Hopefully we can go to a few more of these as the kids play more ball.  Maybe next time we can stay a little longer, though...

End of an Era...Or a Season At Least...

The Pirates season came to an end on one of our busiest weekends.  It was full of kid activities, but we loved them all.  Tyler did a really good job this season and progressed so much from last year!

Bobby (#8), Tyler (#9), and Lucas (#10)

It's fun for Tyler to get to play sports with his friends.  Especially his BEST ones!

The Blue Oak Biathlon

We try to do all the PTA activities that we can to support the school. The biathlon was a really cool 1/4 mile run for the kids followed by a 1/2 mile bike ride. Tyler was very excited to participate in this.

Ready to go!

Tyler, Lucas and Bobby
Classmates and Teammates

Tyler was tired of pictures and wanted to get going already.  Patience isn't his virtue.

Tyler, Bobby, Lucas, Sophia and Ethan were putting their game faces on here

Ready, Set...Go!

Poor guy was getting tired at this point!  Maybe we needed more training or more breakfast.  He didn't need more Mama cheering though!

Tyler made up a lot of time on his bike.  He was racing past people and pedaling so fast. 

It's amazing to watch your child finish something like this.  He tried hard and finished the race and it made me so proud!

Every kid got a participant ribbon, but Tyler was mad that he didn't win.  There is always next year!

Teammates and best friends ALWAYS!

The Start to a Busy Weekend...Spring Fling!

This was our first opportunity to attend Spring Fling...a big PTA fundraiser for the school. The kids were so excited to go! They played carnival games, bid on raffles items, ate good food, and played on the inflatables. The hamster balls were fun for Tyler. He raced against a classmate (Simone).

Tyler getting ready to race Simone

He's hatching!

Lucy was excited to be a part of the Spring Fling.  She's lucky that she gets to do the things her big brother is doing at school too!

Tyler and Lucas are BEST BUDS!

Tyler's teacher had to submit a name for a girl and a boy to compete in the kindergarten watermelon eating contest.  He's never really eaten watermelon, but he heard the word contest and was all for it.  He did a pretty good job, but he didn't win.  He might have even puked up a little that cheating?  It was quite the experience for him, though!

We will be attending Spring Fling again and again and again.  Fun times!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just Beautiful

This is just one of my favorite pictures of Lucy.  I don't normally see myself in Lucy, but in this picture I do.  Maybe it's the Superman hat or the tomboy nature, but she reminds me of me in this picture.

Activity Day

School ended on June 3rd, but the kids got to have a party day on June 2nd with activitiy day.  All of the kindergarten classes came at one time and filtered through 17 different stations of fun activities in a three hour period.  Of course I volunteered and got excited to be part of the day.  Jen Salter and I were in charge of the pinwheel station. We were active non-stop...from start to finish. Luckily someone had a Diet Pepsi to offer us. We needed the boost to keep up with 150 kindergarteners!

The kids were at the water station, but it was more like the funny face station when I asked to take a picture!

Musical Chairs!  When the kids "lost" they were able to go have a cookie and juice.  Is that really losing?!

Tyler won!

Tyler got a lightening bolt painted on his hand

Working very hard at making pinwheels!

Jen did a great job explaining how to make it.  I just helped with the assembly.

This guy is so special to me.  Getting to volunteer and participate so much in kindergarten was just AMAZING!  This year was awesome.

Getting to share the year with my best friend and Tyler's best friend made it THAT much better!

The kids enjoyed activity day and the adults survived it!  Actually, it was a lot of fun and interesting to meet some of the kids that might be in class with Tyler next year.  Kindergarten was so much fun!  I might even want to re-enroll...

Lunch with the Principal

Ever since the first day of school Tyler has wanted to meet the principal.  We discussed that he would have to meet her under positive circumstances and not by getting sent to her office for being naughty.  We're not sure why he had such a fascination with the principal, but it might have something to do with the Captain Underpants books.  The principal turns into Captain Underpants and saves the day in his underwear.  Maybe he's thinking that is part of Mrs. Traub's job too.  Hmmmm...

Tyler did meet her and say hello throughout the year, but when the chance came to bid on a lunch with Mrs. Traub and Mr. Stewart Tyler really wanted me to win that bid.  And we did!  On May 30th Tyler was able to have pizza and brownies with the principal and vice principal.  He enjoyed it very much and prepared some topics of conversation prior to the lunch.  We're not really sure what he chose to discuss, the Mr. Stewart sent an e-mail that said, "We had a great lunch with Tyler, what a conversationalist!"

Mr. Stewart e-mailed me this picture.  What a guy!
We are glad that Tyler enjoys school so much!

Gooooo Kings!

The Kings were possibly leaving Sacramento for good, so the kids and I decided to go see one game before the end of the season.  Zach was out of town, so we asked Grandpa Gary to join us for the good time.  Tyler had just played basketball for the first time this year and he was excited to see the pros do it.  Gary and Jenn were excited because it would bring back memories of the good 'ole days when the Kings were in the hunt for a championship.  And Lucy, well, she didn't know what she was in for, but she liked the purple jacket!

We had fun getting all dressed up in our purple gear!

Not sure why Lucy was pouting here, but maybe she wasn't a fan of the hot dog.  We had seats that were almost the same as our old season ticket seats.

Tyler was very excited about the food.  He enjoyed a hot dog, a lemonade, cotton candy, and popcorn!


She's more Queen than King

The game was exciting, but the Kings did end up losing in the end.  Bummer!  But, luckily the Kings are staying in Sacramento for one more year so maybe we can get to Power Balance Pavillion one more time and watch them WIN!