Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Blue Oak Biathlon

We try to do all the PTA activities that we can to support the school. The biathlon was a really cool 1/4 mile run for the kids followed by a 1/2 mile bike ride. Tyler was very excited to participate in this.

Ready to go!

Tyler, Lucas and Bobby
Classmates and Teammates

Tyler was tired of pictures and wanted to get going already.  Patience isn't his virtue.

Tyler, Bobby, Lucas, Sophia and Ethan were putting their game faces on here

Ready, Set...Go!

Poor guy was getting tired at this point!  Maybe we needed more training or more breakfast.  He didn't need more Mama cheering though!

Tyler made up a lot of time on his bike.  He was racing past people and pedaling so fast. 

It's amazing to watch your child finish something like this.  He tried hard and finished the race and it made me so proud!

Every kid got a participant ribbon, but Tyler was mad that he didn't win.  There is always next year!

Teammates and best friends ALWAYS!

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