Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Activity Day

School ended on June 3rd, but the kids got to have a party day on June 2nd with activitiy day.  All of the kindergarten classes came at one time and filtered through 17 different stations of fun activities in a three hour period.  Of course I volunteered and got excited to be part of the day.  Jen Salter and I were in charge of the pinwheel station. We were active non-stop...from start to finish. Luckily someone had a Diet Pepsi to offer us. We needed the boost to keep up with 150 kindergarteners!

The kids were at the water station, but it was more like the funny face station when I asked to take a picture!

Musical Chairs!  When the kids "lost" they were able to go have a cookie and juice.  Is that really losing?!

Tyler won!

Tyler got a lightening bolt painted on his hand

Working very hard at making pinwheels!

Jen did a great job explaining how to make it.  I just helped with the assembly.

This guy is so special to me.  Getting to volunteer and participate so much in kindergarten was just AMAZING!  This year was awesome.

Getting to share the year with my best friend and Tyler's best friend made it THAT much better!

The kids enjoyed activity day and the adults survived it!  Actually, it was a lot of fun and interesting to meet some of the kids that might be in class with Tyler next year.  Kindergarten was so much fun!  I might even want to re-enroll...

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