Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summertime Funtime

The kids have been DYING to play outside in the water, so Zach and I set up this silly sprinkler...hoping it would appease their need for bathing suits and water play. I think it did. The kids had tons of fun watching this ball balance on the stream of water. Who needs a pool?! :)

T-Ball For Tyler

After the soccer clinic came the t-ball clinic, so we signed up for the madness. Tyler was very excited, though, because three of his friends were doing the clinic with him. Payton, Enrique, and Aden were there and were stuck together like glue. It made it easy for the parents to chat since the boys always ended up on the same team! Tyler was a pro at hitting the ball and running the bases.On the last day of practice the kids got a certificate of completion and ran through a "tunnel" of parents to receive their award. It was cute for the parents and exciting for the kids.

Doll Baby Lucy

The other day I walked into Lucy's room and saw her reading to her doll. It had to be one of the most precious things I've seen in a long time. Then later that day she decided to become a doll and relax in her baby stroller. I'm not sure if it was made for that, but Lucy made it work for her.

Working Out of Town Has It's Benefits...For the Kids

Zach has been working out of town A LOT lately. The kids miss him and get really excited when he comes home. But, this last trip, they got REALLY excited when he came home and then they were hoping he'd go away again. Zach started the wonderful tradition (and probably one he'll regret) of bringing home treats from the place he was working. This last trip he was in San Francisco...right near Pier 39. Normally he works in Oakland and I don't think the kids would be interested if he brought home stolen goods...but Pier 39 has some great stuff.
He bought the kids matching shirts that say, "Somebody who loves me very much went to San Francisco and got me this shirt." He also went to a candy store and found two huge jelly dinosaurs and a chocolate dinosaur egg. On top of that he had a HUGE bag of taffy. So, needless to say, the kids want Daddy to go back to San Francisco again and again...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tyler's Preschool Pictures

It was time for preschool pictures again. My little man is getting so big (not that you can tell in the above picture)! He did a great job smiling for the camera in the top picture, but in the class picture he must have been concentrating on holding that lemon or something. He goes to school with some great kids. We love Busy Bees!

What Keeps Me Going in Life...

Being a Mom can be a thankless job sometimes. The mornings are harried and rushed, the afternoons can be full of boredom which results in discipline, and our evenings are rushed, hectic, and always on the go. Sometimes it seems like you can do everything for the children and they don't understand or respect what you're doing. Some day I know they will and someday they will thank me for it.
In the meantime, I focus on these beautiful faces and thank God every day for giving me these amazing creatures I call Tyler and Lucy. They really make life worth living.

Life On the Go

I have some fun pictures that I've taken on my cell phone while we were out and about. I figured I would upload them and post them on here to show a few cute moments in my life.
A few weeks ago I got a call from Tyler's school that his ear was hurting. We picked him up and got an appointment to see his doctor right away...just by chance...there was no real emergency. Lucy got so worried about her brother. She went to her room and got her Elmo doctor kit and checked Tyler out. She took the whole kit with us to the doctor's office. It was absolutely precious.
This past Saturday we were in need of some family time, so we decided to go to the IMAX in Sacramento and see Dinos Live in 3D. We had never been before and Tyler is WAY into dinosaurs, so we thought it would be fun. The glasses might have been the best part, so we got a great picture out of it.
Tyler and Lucy have been taking swimming lessons and last night they got to put some of their skills to good use. Tyler is normally a bit afraid of the water and NOT a fan of putting his face under. You wouldn't have known that last night, though. He put some floaties on and started jumping off the edge of the pool. He was just swimming all over the place and acting like one of the big kids.
And here's my little fashionista. :) Actually, we were at a friend's house and were not prepare to swim, so their 7 year old daughter let Lucy borrow her suit. It was funny. Lucy was swimming all over as well and trying to jump in off the side. I think what she was really trying to do was give her mom a heart attack.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I absolutely adore these children and couldn't be any more honored to be their mother.

Zach's Dream Come True

My Mom and her friend stopped by our house the other night. Zach heard them drive up and peeked out the window and asked me who my Mom was with, because she was driving a Porsche 911 Turbo. When it came time to leave we walked them out and my Mom asked her friend to give Zach a ride. She one upped that and told him he could drive. He was more excited than I've seen him in a long time. Here is proof of his dream come true.

Mother's Day Tea

Tyler's school had a Mother's Day Tea and it was so precious! The kids sang two songs and then served the moms some cookies and lemonade. Tyler asked me to get him the food and then ate it all. Such is the life of a Mom...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Old McLucy Had a Farm...

We were at Tumble Time and Miss Jen asked Lucy what her favorite animal was. She said, "Mommy." The teacher asked Lucy what sound Mommy made and Lucy said, "Pfffft."

Soccer Clinic

It's that time of year again...the rain has stopped (sort of) and the sports clinics are starting. Tyler did soccer last year, but he had so much fun at the clinic that he's been asking to do it again. Why not? It's exercise and a good skill to learn. He had his friend Aden in the clinic with him and they had a great time playing together. Here are a few pictures from his last day (crazy hair and dress day), the game they played, and the certificate ceremony. It is a lot of fun and we are even more excited that Tyler is playing soccer in a "real" league starting in August. I'm going to be a soccer mom...legitimately.
Tyler & Aden racing towards the goal...

Waiting for their names to be called...

And getting high fived at the end of the clinic...

And now we are on to T-Ball...

Swim Lessons

Tyler and Lucy are both in the middle of swim lessons in preparation for the summer season of swimming, swimming, and more swimming. Originally we had just signed Tyler up for lessons and figured Lucy could start next year. Unfortunately Lucy didn't agree with us and begged and cried and pleaded (no joke) until she got her way. We figured if she was THAT excited about swimming then it couldn't be a bad thing, right? Ask her again after the got dunked if she still wanted to do swimming lessons. That would be a no. Tyler, on the other hand is doing SPECTACULAR and loves his swimming lessons. He's doing really well too. I'm such a proud Mom.
This picture is really blurry, but it shows Tyler swimming to his teacher...on his own!
This just shows how happy he is with lessons

This is Lucy going down...

...and this is Lucy coming back up.

The pictures aren't great, but I wanted to share the experience with everyone!