Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Life On the Go

I have some fun pictures that I've taken on my cell phone while we were out and about. I figured I would upload them and post them on here to show a few cute moments in my life.
A few weeks ago I got a call from Tyler's school that his ear was hurting. We picked him up and got an appointment to see his doctor right away...just by chance...there was no real emergency. Lucy got so worried about her brother. She went to her room and got her Elmo doctor kit and checked Tyler out. She took the whole kit with us to the doctor's office. It was absolutely precious.
This past Saturday we were in need of some family time, so we decided to go to the IMAX in Sacramento and see Dinos Live in 3D. We had never been before and Tyler is WAY into dinosaurs, so we thought it would be fun. The glasses might have been the best part, so we got a great picture out of it.
Tyler and Lucy have been taking swimming lessons and last night they got to put some of their skills to good use. Tyler is normally a bit afraid of the water and NOT a fan of putting his face under. You wouldn't have known that last night, though. He put some floaties on and started jumping off the edge of the pool. He was just swimming all over the place and acting like one of the big kids.
And here's my little fashionista. :) Actually, we were at a friend's house and were not prepare to swim, so their 7 year old daughter let Lucy borrow her suit. It was funny. Lucy was swimming all over as well and trying to jump in off the side. I think what she was really trying to do was give her mom a heart attack.

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Kara and Glen said...

I love the "dr" picture! How sweet of a sister. And he's such a good sport to let her do that.