Monday, May 4, 2009

Swim Lessons

Tyler and Lucy are both in the middle of swim lessons in preparation for the summer season of swimming, swimming, and more swimming. Originally we had just signed Tyler up for lessons and figured Lucy could start next year. Unfortunately Lucy didn't agree with us and begged and cried and pleaded (no joke) until she got her way. We figured if she was THAT excited about swimming then it couldn't be a bad thing, right? Ask her again after the got dunked if she still wanted to do swimming lessons. That would be a no. Tyler, on the other hand is doing SPECTACULAR and loves his swimming lessons. He's doing really well too. I'm such a proud Mom.
This picture is really blurry, but it shows Tyler swimming to his teacher...on his own!
This just shows how happy he is with lessons

This is Lucy going down...

...and this is Lucy coming back up.

The pictures aren't great, but I wanted to share the experience with everyone!

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