Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lunch with the Principal

Ever since the first day of school Tyler has wanted to meet the principal.  We discussed that he would have to meet her under positive circumstances and not by getting sent to her office for being naughty.  We're not sure why he had such a fascination with the principal, but it might have something to do with the Captain Underpants books.  The principal turns into Captain Underpants and saves the day in his underwear.  Maybe he's thinking that is part of Mrs. Traub's job too.  Hmmmm...

Tyler did meet her and say hello throughout the year, but when the chance came to bid on a lunch with Mrs. Traub and Mr. Stewart Tyler really wanted me to win that bid.  And we did!  On May 30th Tyler was able to have pizza and brownies with the principal and vice principal.  He enjoyed it very much and prepared some topics of conversation prior to the lunch.  We're not really sure what he chose to discuss, the Mr. Stewart sent an e-mail that said, "We had a great lunch with Tyler, what a conversationalist!"

Mr. Stewart e-mailed me this picture.  What a guy!
We are glad that Tyler enjoys school so much!

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