Friday, December 26, 2008

My Dad

We had the memorial service for my Dad on Tuesday, December 23rd. I don't know what more to say, so I thought I would post my speech from the service.
My Mom and Dad met when I was 11 months old. He introduced me to sugar...and I knew from that moment that he was a good man. :)
I've struggled with what to say today. I was with my mom when the doctor said that Dad didn't make it. I feel like that moment is all that I can remember lately and the rest of our memories are just gone.
Through this planning process we've looked at pictures and relived so many memories. My Dad lived a good life and he had a shining smile (and REALLY good hair). I saw pictures of him teaching me to count circle money and how to change the oil in my car. I was reminded of his pride on my wedding day and the days that his grandchildren were born. I saw his smile in so many pictures and was reminded of his love for the people in his family. And his love for me.
The more we look at pictures and share stories the more I remember my Daddy and how proud he was of me and the person I had become...and less about that one moment in time. My Dad was my hero and I will miss him and honor him every day of my life.


Glen & Kara said...

That's a beautiful speech. I hope you can always remember the good memories and not the one bad one. :) *HUGS*

The Devanys said...

VERY well said... I could see all those memories as I read your speech. He is still very proud of you and will always be with you... continuing to teach you new things every day! Love you!

Teri Akers said...

Jenn, That was a beautiful speech. I just wanted you to know I am thinking about you and your family. Take care sweetie, see you soon.


Grohs Family Blog said...

You're amazing.