Friday, August 26, 2011

Celebrate 7 In A BIG Way

Happy Birthday to Tyler James!  7 years old already?!  It feels like just yesterday...or maybe a little more than that...that we brought you home from the hospital!  For this birthday we decided to do things a little different (and more complicated) by having one party for friends and another party for family.  That way Tyler can focus on his friends at one party and then play with his cousins at the other party.

For the friend party Tyler wanted to play video games...and lots of 'em.  We had seen an ad for a video gaming party bus.  We checked it out and it looked pretty neat.  A lot neater than moving all of our TVs and gaming systems into one room of our house!   
The Pink Party Bus Arrived and Tyler Was STOKED!
The theme was video games, so Uncle Matty made some awesome invitations with a Mii of Tyler.  Here is one of the Miis on a cupcake topper for the birthday cupcakes.  Thanks Auntie Bea's Bakery!
The Final Product

The Party Favors Were Wii Remotes (Made Out of Paper) With Gummy Bears Inside (link to the template:
 The kids were pretty excited to get on the bus and play some games.  The driver was a bit late in setting up, so the kids ate some McDonald's cheeseburgers until he was ready to go.  Once the bus was out!
Some of the Partiers...Bobby, William, Gavin, Morgan, Ben, Christopher, Lucas and Tyler
 The bus had four little TVs and then a big project screen with the Wii machine on it.  That one was the most popular, so the girls got to play Just Dance for the first 20 or 30 minutes and then the boys took over with everything Mario related.

Lucy is a Rock Star!

Happy 7th Birthday Buddy!
The boys did a really good job rotating and taking turns with the controllers.  They all seem to love video games!
 Maybe they love them a bit too much...

Even Zach Got In On The Action
 Normally we do elaborate cupcakes or a big cake, but this year we toned it down a bit.  We bought a cake for Tyler that a Wii remote and then the rest of the cupcakes were just chocolate with the Miis on top.  Good stuff!

Tyler With His Wii Cake
It was a great party and super easy for clean up.  Tyler had a good time with his buddies before school started.  The kids seemed to have fun playing video games...if dragging them off the bus is any indication.  Happy Birthday to our big guy.

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