Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Have a Tiki-Riffic Time

This year we had a separate family party for Tyler's birthday.  He was bound and determined to have a tiki party, so we found some really cute invitations with a tiki theme and went from there.  We had seen these cupcakes on another friend's blog, so we decided to try them out.  Jill came over to help decorate.  They turned out so cute!
 Everleigh and Anna are a couple of months apart.  Watching them play together could be so fun!
 Originally we were going to have the party at our house, but we changed our mind and thought a pool party would go well with the tiki theme.  It was so nice to enjoy Grandma and Grandpa's beautiful backyard and wonderful pool.  The kids had so much fun, and the adults probably did too...
 Check out the cool party hats!

Quillan (5), Anna (1), Lucy (4), Everleigh (2), Tyler (7), and Joey (3)

 Tyler loves to have pinatas, but they aren't mom's favorite thing.  We found a really cool tiki pinata and filled it with candy and tiki necklaces.  The kids were each able to take a couple whacks at it, but it was Jared who busted it wide open.

Anna Was a Fan of the Pinata Fillers

Look At This Face!
 Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you...
We were finally able to dive into those yummy looking cupcakes.
 This tiki was supposed to be a party decoration.  I guess he kind of turned into a guest that got beat up!
Happy Birthday Tyler!  We hope you had a tiki-riffic birthday party!

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