Friday, August 26, 2011

It's His Big Day!

Happy 7th Birthday Buddy!  Tyler was bound and determined to wake up on his birthday morning (before school) and open his presents.  He had asked for an electric spark scooter and that's what he got!  He was pretty excited.  Too bad he wasn't able to ride it right away, but he got his chance later.  Happy Birthday Little Dude!

7?!  Really?!
Tyler LOVES Angry Birds and wanted this stuffy.  I wonder if he wanted that hug too? 
 Tyler wanted to go celebrate his birthday by bowling and having dinner at Olive Garden.  Zach and I picked him up from school and he asked if his best friend could come with us.  Of course!  So, we snatched Lucas and brought him with us.  We were only able to bowl for a half hour, but we all had a great time.

Gotta Love Bowling Shoes
 Tyler wanted to have the Olive Garden for dinner but we ran short on time, so we went to Islands.  The kids had fun and ate really well.  Bowling makes you tired, I guess.
After dinner we had soccer practice for Lucy, so Zach took Tyler to the park to ride his new toy.  He had a great time zooming around and making sparks.  Happy Birthday Bobo!

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