Friday, December 2, 2011

Safety Day!

Blue Oak was lucky enough to get the support of the various branches of law enforcement to participate in this safety day as part of Red Ribbon Week.  The kids were told that a helicopter was going to land on the field and they were SO excited about that.  However, it didn't happen at the planned time, so the kids were quite antsy during the entire assembly.  Here Tyler is getting ready to check out a Humvee.

 The Sherriff's Department had cars at the assembly.  The kids were able to climb in the front and the back.  I hope that more of them enjoyed the front than the back!

This had better be the only time that he's in the back of a cop car!

Tyler being silly with his friends

Mrs. Fritts 1st Grade Class
 The kids enjoyed seeing a robot that retrieves bombs and a couple of drug dogs.
 The helicopter finally arrived and it was SO cool!  The kids were enthralled listening to it get closer and closer to the school and then watched with mouths open as it landed.  Well, the parents were that way too!
This was a neat assembly and got the kids out of the classroom for a couple of hours.  Yet they were still bummed about missing recess.  Kids!

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