Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me...

Brooke and I have birthdays that are just 5 days apart, so this year we decided to celebrate them together. We decided to do a lunch cruise on a paddlewheeler around Lake Tahoe. We went up on a Friday morning, boarded the "ship", ate some lunch and had some drinks, and then went back to the cabin to relax. Without kids! What a concept. It was a really fun day. And check out this awesome picture the photographer got before we boarded the boat. His lens made us look skinny and tan. I would have paid double the price for that! Me and the Local Fisherman
Zach and I on the bow of the Tahoe Gal

Our group enjoying our Bucket 'o Beers

The crazy Tahoe weather

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Kara and Glen said...

That looks so fun!! That picture the photographer took is really good. You all look so good in it.