Friday, September 30, 2011

My Early Engineer

Tyler is participating in an after school program called Early Engineers.  We were excited when we read about this after school class because it seemed right up his alley.  Building with Legos and KNEX?  Heck yes!  Luckily his best friend Lucas signed up too.  Even though they aren't in the same class together this year they do get to do this activity. 
First Day of Early Engineers - Building a House

Tyler swears that he and Lucas build the best stuff in class.  He might not be humble, but he is having fun.

This picture makes me smile.  Ethan was in Tyler's kindergarten class and now they are in 1st grade together and play on the same soccer team.  Since Tyler and Lucas do EVERYTHING together it is hard for other kids to break into the circle.  Ethan had told Tyler he wanted to be his partner one day, so I guess they must have worked together.  That makes me happy.

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