Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Blue Oak Movie Night

The school holds a movie night fundraiser once or twice a year and the kids LOVE IT!.  They bring sleeping bags, pillows (or Pillow Pets in our case), and get ready to snuggle in and watch a movie.  The school sells snacks and movie-style popcorn and plays a pretty new release.  This time it was Rio.  We hung out with Jill and Lucas and invited the cousins to attend as well.  It was fun to introduce Joey and Anna to some elementary school fun.
All the kids are snuggling in for the show

Lucy LOVES the popcorn!

Best Friends!

The Boys

The Girls

The movie night was a success!  Lucy partied pretty hard. :)
The school does these once or twice a year and it's a GREAT fundraiser.  We will definitely go to the next one!

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