Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Conference Time!

Even if you think your kid is pretty AWESOME and doing a great job in school, you just never really know until you have that parent/teacher conference.  Luckily Zach was able to attend so he could finally meet Mrs. Fritts and see Tyler's classroom.  The conference went VERY well and Tyler is progressing nicely at school.  He's a social kid (hmmm...wonder where he gets that from?!), but he also has a hard time not blurting out the answer and showing that he's smart (again, where does that come from?!).  Mrs. Fritts had some very complimentary things to say about our little guy.

Tyler is enjoying being involved in school activities.  We attend the Bulldog breakfast at least once a week and he enjoys filling buckets around the school.  First grade has been a great experience for Tyler (for the most part) so far.

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