Friday, March 18, 2011

Celebrate This!

The kids and Mom love to go to Disney on Ice shows.  It has turned into quite the tradition.  We attend the show, take a picture, eat some popcorn, buy some toys, and enjoy the time together. their happiness! :)  This year the theme was Celebrate This! and it was a new show we've never seen before.  It celebrated various holidays and had tons and tons of characters.  It was a GREAT show and we can't wait for the next one.
 Let's Celebrate!
 Tyler got a light-up toy (for a ridiculous amount of money) and Lucy added two more princesses to her collection.  Each time we come we buy one princess for the collection.  The first time we bought Snow White and then Ariel and we were supposed to have Cinderella and Belle left to buy.  But, no, of course they had added Tiana and now we still have just one more to buy...
Ah, the loves of my life!
Our Disney gang!

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