Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dolphins Play Indoors?

The new sport for this year is indoor soccer!  Tyler was asked to join this team and he was really excited to try it out.  And then he got on the field and he might have been a bit intimidated...but he's not the type to give up.  The coach, Mr. Cowen, is a teacher at Tyler's school and he was really excited to be on his team.  It also gave him a chance to play with some new friends and learn some new skills.
The Dolphins
 The first game of the season Tyler was a little nervous and was trying to figure out the game.  Indoor soccer is a much faster pace than outdoor.  And you can play the ball off the wall.  The boys thought this was the best part.
 During the second game (the one pictured) he was a lot more aggressive.  He even had a face that he made when he was going for the ball to show that he was going for that ball and it was HIS. 
The Dolphins played indoor for two sessions and it was a lot of fun.  It definitely helped Tyler to improve on his ball skills and knowing where the ball was going to go when someone kicked it.  We hope to play again next session!

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