Thursday, November 1, 2012

Disney on Ice...Again!

Disney on Ice comes to town every February and October.  Brooke and I go to Disney on Ice every February and every October.  The day the kids tell us that they don't want to go anymore might be the end of the world.  Thank goodness for Emi being little and being the next kid we get to take to see Mickey and Minnie.  It's almost as good as Disneyland.  Seriously.
It's a tradition to go with the Mello family, so my kids are always very excited to go and spend time with their friends.

 For some odd reason they found this GIANT Pepsi cup pretty intriguing.
The kids HAD to have popcorn and they HAD to have snow cones.  They are lucky that their moms like popcorn and snow cones.  And nachos and pretzels.  And Disney on Ice.

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