Thursday, November 1, 2012

Basketball...If You Want to Call It That

When Tyler was in kindergarten we signed him up to play basketball in El Dorado Hills. (Pee Wee Basketball).  Their CSD had an established program and his other friends weren't playing so it didn't matter to him that he wouldn't really know anyone on the team.  1st Grade was a whole different story.  Tyler wanted to play in a league with his friends on his team and his friends as opponents, so we signed up for the local league at the Cameron Park CSD.  It started off on a sour note...they took our money.  No, in all seriousness, we thought this was going to be a really fun season for Tyler.  He had a bit of experience under his belt and had gotten fairly competitive.

The season starts off with a clinic taught by the Ponderosa Bruins basketball players and coaches.  Then the games started the following week.  In this league there weren't practices and the coaches didn't really have time to teach the players anything...unless they made time on their own to do this.  Our coach did not.  We were lucky if he showed up to the games on time...or at all.  Our team was the Bulls; Phil Jackson our coach was not.

The boys played hard and tried to do their best!
 Tyler hustled and did what he was taught the prior year, so that part was good.  The referees, unfortunately, didn't know the rules of the game, though, so the boys were doing things that they shouldn't (like traveling and fouling) and not being told that they were wrong.  Hopefully they didn't pick up too many bad habits that will have to be broken the next season.
This picture makes me laugh with his tongue sticking out.  We were the Bulls.  Maybe he is a Mini-Jordan.
His 2012 Basketball Photo.
Why do photographers insist on ruining our basketball photos by tucking in the shirt way too far?! (2011 Basketball Pictures)
Buddy Pictures:  Tyler, Bobby, and Lucas
The Bulls 2012 (And again, no coach...)

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