Thursday, November 1, 2012

Junie B. Jones at the Crest Theater

The 1st grade has some pretty fun field trips and I'm glad that I'm able to take part in them.  The third field trip of the year was a trip to the Crest Theater in Sacramento to watch the play Junie B. Jones.  This was a first for me because I've never been to the Crest Theater. 

We rode the bus with the kids, walked the streets of downtown (which is crazy with some of those kids), and enjoyed a really fun play.  It's nice to spend some time with my guy one on one.

The play was really cute.  The kids enjoyed it, but might have had a hard time sitting still for that long.  From the looks of this picture it might have been too much for Tyler.  Booger!
1st grade is a lot of fun...especially to this mom.

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